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  • Essay On Interjection

    According to the government archives, the first time someone used it as an interjection was during one of the most famous broadcasts in the history of radio journalism. In 1937, Herb Morrison gave an eyewitness report of the explosion and crash of the German passenger airship, Hindenburg. “It’s fire and it crashing! . . . This is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world! Oh, it’s crashing . . . oh, four or five hundred feet into the sky, and it’s a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. There’s smoke, and there’s flames, now, and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring mast. Oh, the humanity, and all the passengers screaming around here!” The reporter sounds completely astounded by what he is witnessing, which was everything that humanity encompasses: death, horror, fear, pain, indifference…

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  • Travis Miler's Life-Personal Narrative

    I was sitting comfortably on my bed reading a story on Reddit about Ghengis Khan when Travis Miler burst into my room. “Derson?” “What’s good.” My phone said it was 8:56 am. “Bowl?” “I’d be down.” I laid back on my bed and rubbed my eyes, sinking into the pad on my mattress. I twisted some chest hairs and continued reading. Travis set his backpack down and dogged around for the ideal eighth-bag to pinch out of. He opened my closet and pulled out a bong wrapped at the base and downstem with…

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  • Xenophon's Symposium Analysis

    Before he goes on to explain how medicine relates to Love, Eryximachus provides his second interjection of medical advice. Aristophanes asks him to both stop his hiccupping and to take his place in the speech-giving, to which Eryximachus responds “ἀλλὰ ποιήσω ἀμφότερα ταῦτα” (Pl. Sym. 185d). Here, Eryximachus uses the particle ἀλλά, which is a stronger and more precise particle than the weaker δέ, to connect the sentences and introduce his thought (Smyth 2775) (Smyth 2834). In this case, ἀλλά…

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  • Ted Hughes The Negro Speaks Of Rivers

    Hughes writes, “In terms of current Afro-American popular music… this poem on contemporary Harlem, like bebop, is marked by conflicting changes, sudden nuances, sharp and impudent interjections , broken rhythms, and passages sometimes in the manner of the jam session” (Hughes, 387). Montage is meant to be a poetic jam session on, and reflective of, life in Harlem; the cacophony of the adopted bebop style reflects the cacophony of Harlem. In the opening poem, Dream Boogie, he can especially see…

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  • A Day In The Life Of Rome By Alberto Angela Summary

    though that is trying to change that and his name is Alberto Angela. In his book, “A Day In The Life Of Ancient Rome”, Angela attempts to show Rome as it truly was mean to be. Angela does a superb job at this but his book falls into some serious traps such as poor writing, but he does make up for it in beautiful content and this is why his book works. Alberto Angela loves to give wonderful stories of Rome to help the reader understand what Rome was like, but often times the reader ends up…

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  • College Student Sexual Orientations

    Since the conversation took place in BS’s room (and because of his personality) it seemed natural that he would lead the conversation. Out of all the participants, he probably spoke and interrupted the most, although everyone made their fair share of interjections. BS and SN’s large amount of interruptions, especially of each other, shows a few different aspects of their dynamic and their individual personalities. SN is very excitable and, when comfortable, will interject whenever she has a…

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  • Stuttering: Disfluency In Speech

    According to National Stuttering Association, “Stuttering is a communication disorder involving disruptions, or “disfluencies,” in a person’s speech.” The word “Stuttering” can also be used for specific type of disfluency or an overall communication challenge that people who stutter face (Zebrowski, 1989). The disfluency in speech is observed in prolongation (I love you Kkkkiran), repetition ( I li li li like you) , abnormal stoppages(no sound), interjections also known as fillers( uh, um, you…

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  • Unit 3 Active Listening Assignment

    Active Listening Assignment A friend came to me with concern over her future career options. She expressed her want of many different career fields that she wished to pursue. This was problematic because if she tried to pursue all of her interests, she would need to attend school for about 8 years and be buried in student debt. Although she knew that she would be unable to pursue all of her possible career paths, she wasn’t sure which she wanted to follow and didn’t want to make the wrong…

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  • Slow Down Freight Train Analysis

    In much abstract art, the colors tend to create lots of space and value. These terms refer to the depth created by light vs dark and positive vs negative. With drastic contrast in color, the artist can create focal points and distinguish the subject of the piece. In Slow down, Freight Train, Piper draws the eye to the subject mostly due to the color of the man’s shirt. The piece mostly uses green, yellow, and black except for this random interjection of red. This color interjection is a major…

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  • Analysis Of The Owl By Edward Thomas And Robert Frost

    is travelling downhill indicates that it is not a particularly difficult part of the journey, and this initiates the generally optimistic tone that pervades the rest of the poem, despite the focus that Thomas sustains on suffering. This feeling of respite and the end of a journey starkly contrasts the way in which Frost referred to the continuity of the boy 's labour and the unending nature of it, emphasising the differences between the two poets ' approach to the theme of their poems, the…

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