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  • Personal Narrative: The Junior Varsity Team

    At some point in every person's life, they will have a special experience that will stick with them forever. One of my most memorable moments happened recently at a home volleyball game against Traverse City West. Approaching freshman volleyball season, the upperclassman spoke highly of the importance of overpowering TC West. As a ninth grader, I had the mindset that I would be playing for the freshmen team. I didn't think it really mattered what the outcome of the game would be, since we were only ninth graders. Of course, I didn't want to lose and I wanted to strive to do my best. When I made the Junior Varsity team, the first thing I thought about was how I needed to give my best. My team wanted to beat TC West more than anything, and now I was a part of this team! Every workout, run, and volley, we pushed to our max as we prepared to take…

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  • Visiting Michigan Research Paper

    if you happen to visit the city: Mackinac Island If you want some peace and quietness in an artistic and picturesque setting, Mackinac environment is the place for you to visit. With its hiking trails, live musical performances and art shows, Mackinac environment, normally reached via ferry, is a wonderful place to bask in the sun and get some quiet. You can visit Fort Mackinac, as well as enjoy the endless…

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  • Apia Case Study

    Urban development in Apia Introduction Apia is the capital city of Samoa and the largest city in the Pacific. In Apia, there is a trend that 40% of population are looking forward to live in urban area. And the rate of urban growth will be continued to increase (Pacific island populations in Jones article, 2001). Urban population, density of house and waste from industries are all rise continually. Due to the increasing of pressure of urbanization and the lack of effective management solutions,…

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  • Negative Aspects Of Urban Designs

    Urban designs, particularly those focused on children neighbourhoods can provide opportunities to facilitate or hinder Auckland being a child-friendlier city. These areas are crucial to the health and well-being of children (Witten, Kearns & Carroll, 2015). Negative aspects of the urban environment such as high traffic levels, spatial segregation and safety concerns as well as parental entrapment and the exclusion of children needs in urban planning decision-making represent barriers to Auckland…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Environmental Education

    education as a way of using the “city as a classroom” and “nature” as well as “integrated social and ecological [system]” (2-5). There are numerous ways to become involved in urban environmental educational projects. Fortunately, “urban environmental education continues to reinvent itself” in many ways (Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab). Used to focus on social-ecological systems, urban environmental education uses many forms of community based practices “such as...streamside…

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  • The Importance Of Demand For Education

    Entering the labor market or continuing education beyond a certain point is a very important individual level investment decision. An important determinant of the demand for education is its expected benefits. The benefits depend upon the value of an individual’s labour input, which in turn depends upon the level of education. Hence, the education-wage relationship can be used to measure the returns to schooling. The rural and urban sectors differ widely in terms of the education and employment…

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  • Triumph Of The City By Edward Glaeser

    Cities Make Us Smarter Triumph of the City, written by Edward Glaeser, dives into the topic of cities and how they have transformed and shaped our lives. Plastered across the cover reads, “How our greatest invention makes us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier”. Glaeser provides fantastic insights into each of these adjectives, but one stands apart from the rest. Cities make us smarter. Glaeser makes this clear when he states in the introduction, “Cities, the dense agglomerations…

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  • Toronto Case Study

    ince 1961, the population in the Toronto CMA increased from 1.7 million to 5.5 million. With the large influx of immigrants to Canada yearly, and Toronto being the most culturally diverse city in the country, it’s no surprise that Ontario received 43% or 501,000 immigrants between 2006 and 2011 [1], with most of them settling near the largest urban centres. Since Toronto is the financial, medical, and cultural hub of Canada, immigrants provide it with a much-needed workforce to continuously grow…

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  • Eastlake

    The Revitalization of Eastlake, Ohio Eastlake started off as a small village and in 1951 it officially became a city in Northeast Ohio. Home to the Lake County Captains minor league baseball team, which brings in most of the city’s tourism. The population as of 2013 was 18,418, a 9.1% decrease since 2000 (Kamenov). In Eastlake, there are many buildings that have been abandoned by the owners and left to build up dust. Some examples of these buildings are the old Wal-Mart on Vine Street and the…

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  • Urban Psychology

    change upon both individuals, highlighting the ability of a surrounding to alter the action of the individual. This research provided by Burchinal et al. suggests that high quality environments may possibly be a potential aid to kindergarten readiness within Memphis (2010). If the state of pre-K classrooms within the public schools, Head Start, and child care centers can be improved, then it is plausible that more children would be ready for kindergarten after being placed in an environment…

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