Negative Effects Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic disease and has a lot of effects on patients’ lives. Direction effect from diabetes are increasing serious health problem, infections developing and this bring people to be disability. There are several studies about negative effects cause by DM, indirect effects to people with diabetic are less quality of life, sexual life, loss a job led to financial burden. After got diabetic patient have to change life style, diet control especially food proportion. Exercise limiting. Many people was suddenly dead because the complication as show as individual. It causes 1 in 20 fatality rate in all diabetic patients and has become a major health problem among population in both developing and developed countries. It is estimated to …show more content…
In 2012, one and half millions people were dead from diabetes furthermore, the World Health Organisation estimate that around nine percentage of world adult population with diabetic in 2014. In Thailand, one of the developing countries, there were 674,826 diabetics in 2012, which was estimated to be 12.06 in 100,000. In Bangkok alone, there were 9.29 diabetics in 100,000 people, which were 10% of all diabetics from the whole country (Bureau of Non Communicable Disease, 2014). Diabetes is also the 7th leading cause of death in population in Thailand.(WHO, 2015) It leads to many complications in many organs such as skin, eyes, nerves, foot, kidneys and so on. It also causes amputation and death. Therefore, it is very important for people who living with diabetes to be treated correctly and taken care …show more content…
The locals are more motivated in looking after their area than other from outside because of living in the area, having trust from the community , having the need of better community. There are many studies using the involvement of local people in healthcare projects and it is found to be more successful. Moreover one of the main obstacle in healthcare in surburb and rural area in Thailand is the shortage of medical professionals. This inadequate workforce impacts the ongoing of care and treatment especially in those with chronic disease. However theses volunteers need to have sufficient knowledge in order to taking part as community health worker (e.g. Smide and Nygren , 2013; Kamimura et al.,

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