Diabetes Type 2 Diary Report

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The topic of my disease diary is Diabetes Type 2. In the following report I will talk about the characteristic of diabetes, the causes and symptoms, what happens chemically, the treatment of the disorder and how the relationship to other body systems is.

In general Diabetes is a long-term disease, what means the patient has to handle his whole life with the disease. Diabetes mellitus Type 2, also known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or adult-onset diabetes, is an illness of the metabolism, what means it interrupts the ability to use glucose and the human needs glucose for the carbohydrate digestion. Over 90% of the Diabetes victims have Diabetes type two. Normally the disease affect adults, but also children can get diabetes
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Here you can see the islets part of the liver. Islets contain beta cells, which produce insulin and release into the bloodstream.

The symptoms of Diabetes are weight loss, dry skin, unclear vision, less capacity to fight against an infection, constant urination and extreme thirst and hunger, these symptoms are established over months or years, but mostly you don’t recognize them.

People who are overweight and with Diabetes Type 2 produce more insulin than non-diabetic people, because of the higher body fat to muscle. That’s why the body cannot use the insulin, so the body tries to produce more insulin to compensate for higher blood sugar. Through the extra insulin the beta cells get over worked and by the time they will start to make mistakes. Through the increasing insulin the body increases the resistance against the insulin.

If a doctor suspects Diabetes Type 2 he or she may order several blood tests. The first test will be a glycated hemoglobin test, also called A1C. This test determines your blood sugar level. If the test isn’t accessible, because the patient is pregnant or has an uncommon form of hemoglobin, the doctor will order several other blood

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