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  • Tim Hortons: A Narrative Fiction

    I hopped onto my bike and we headed downtown to the Voyager to go fishing. It was a warm summer day, and we were enjoying one of the first days of our summer vacation. We turned into the big black parking lot, crowded with cars. The sun was shining and the water was calm. There were a few cotton ball clouds in the sky and it was a perfect day. We pulled our fishing poles off the back of the back of our bikes and set them up with bait and hooks. We were ready to catch some fish. We cast our hooks into the clear, blue, sparkling water and waited for a bite.…

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  • Fishing Research Paper

    Fishing with Papa As the year's pass, I find myself fantasizing of going fishing on my papa's lake. He bought the land when I was in kindergarten, and I spent countless hours there each summer running free, learning to fish in our lake, and discovering who I am. My best reminiscences of growing up are in a boat, listening to my papa's stories, with a pole in my hand. I look back now and comprehend that, by teaching me to fish, my papa eventually taught me how to be patient. Before…

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  • Summary Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    There's a man walking closer to me wearing a gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and carrying a fishing pole. Is he coming up next to me to cast out or is he going to the opposite side? The area is small near the dam and it's hard to have two or three people casting because when you cast out the river carries your lure or bait down with it, causing you to possibly become tangled. Doe's he know that? The writer was taught to ask or go somewhere else if she noticed someone was fishing in a spot. Is he there…

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  • Walleye-Personal Narrative

    found a stick and I brought it back. He used the stick to flip the bacon over and back over again for about 10 minutes. He took the pan off of the fire grate and set it on top of the cooler and we began eating it. We decided to go fishing for walleye by the spillway, so dad, my brother, and I got…

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  • Research Paper On Fishing

    normal routine of the bass. With the fishing trip dampened what do you do? How can you still catch fish? What are the types of fishing technique to coax a fish into biting? Water temperatures are down as winter approaches. Instead of putting up the rod how about trying a different tactic? Switch to finesse fishing. Finesse means to do something in a subtle or delicate manner. In the fishing community everyone knows just by the word of finesse that retrieval will be slow. As in the…

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  • Bob Nichols Biography

    children from Tasmania were fishing with their dad Thursday when they each struck the tuna prize, linking at the same time and after that landing world-record southern bluefin tuna in their respective age divisions. Sam Nichols, 12, and Toby Nichols, 10, revealed world-record smiles as they postured with their prospective world-record tuna captures that even fishermen on the truth cable television series "Wicked Tuna" would require to port. "Wow. Wow. Wow. I am in awe of my kids," Stuart…

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  • Informative Essay On Fishing

    definitely have to be Bill Dance. I chose Bill Dance because he is one that has made my fishing life easier and taught me many things on fishing as well. Bill Dance is someone almost any other fisherman would look up to. Bill knows anything and everything there is to know about bass fishing and more. I chose Bill because being able to fish with someone as skilled as he is would be a dream come true not only because he knows how to fish as well as anyone else, if not better, and he knows where to…

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  • Essay On Saltwater Fishing

    Freshwater Lakes vs. Saltwater Ocean Fishing During this paper, I will be discussing the differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing along with the similarities. Although, these too types of fishing are very similar because in the end your goal is to catch the fish but the huge difference between the two are the types of fish you will catch in the ocean compared to fresh water. Also, the different types of lures, line, rods, and gear hope you enjoy. The majority of anglers…

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  • Health Benefits Of Fishing Essay

    7 Health Benefits of Fishing That Will Get To You Hook, Line, and Sinker Meta Description: How would you like sit by the water all day and reap the same benefits of going to a wellness center? Check out the 7 health benefits of fishing today! Introduction: If you’re worried about your overall health but can’t bother to enter a wellness program, have you tried fishing? Waiting for the marine species to take the bait can extend from minutes to hours. Check. You will need to get your hands dirty…

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  • Largemouth Bass Research Paper

    anglers fishing for small to medium fish. These reels have a fixed bearing which tends to be slower. The fixed caster reel is a faster reel with a thirteen gear that allows for more of a fight with the fish. Whichever reel you choose look for a name that you can trust such as Zebco, Abu Garcia, and Shakespeare. The next piece of equipment you need is a rod. A rod with the reel mounted near the handle enables the angler to use their thumb or finger to control the line during casting. A bait…

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