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  • Julia's Redwood Forest Case Study

    just visited. Pacific Lumber, a local logging company was cutting down the trees in the forest and destroying a local ecosystem. Pacific Lumber’s actions awoke in inner calling inside of Julia that led her to take a stand in preserving on of the earth’s natural habitat by participating in a tree sitting…

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  • Sitting Under The Mango Tree Analysis

    11. Sitting Under the Mango Tree As I sit under the tall mango tree near my home, I feel the gentle breeze on my face, As I Listen to leaves rustling above me, I smell the faint sea breeze, I think of the far and and unforeseen future, A future of what could be, A future that I may or may not have control over, Or even a future I may not even see, A future far away from home, An adult future of my very own, What will I do? What would I have become?, The last of the sun’s rays shine bright…

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  • Antigone And Julia Butterfly Hill Analysis

    fines, as a peaceful form of political protest.” Antigone and Julia Butterfly Hill both emanate this idea and are selfless women who have benefitted their communities for the greater good. Julia Butterfly Hill and Antigone are both humble women who make the effort to put others needs in front of their own. Julia Butterfly Hill is an environmental activist who, when the life of a tree was in jeopardy, decided to take the situation into her own hands. She lived in the tree for 758 days in harsh…

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  • Reconciliation: A Short Story

    Reconciliation Interrupted by the faint sounds of birds chirping and grass swaying in the gentle breeze, the calming silence became a distant memory. As the birds flapped their wings, moving at the edge of the tiny meadow, from one tree to the next, they cast their shadows over the body of a small brown skinned, black haired girl. She lay on her back in the hilltop grass, facing directly up towards the almost blinding light of the afternoon sun. Her dark skin, holding a lively warm glow,…

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  • Social Judgments And Decision-Making: A Case Study

    texture sensations, rough in contrast to smooth, would have an effect on the participants’ impressions and decision making. In experiment 3, participants completed a puzzle either with a rough surface or a smooth surface before completing a reading they had to form an impression on (Ackerman et al., 2010). Study 4 was similar except in lieu of a reading, participants played an Ultimatum game. The last studies, 5 and 6, tested whether or not touch sensations involving hardness would affect a…

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  • My Childhood Memories Of Peppermint

    that peppermint brings back for me is my Grandma. My Grandma was an amazing woman, she always wore a certain perfume and still to this day I am not entirely sure what the perfume was but it had some type of peppermint fragrance to it. My Grandmother and I used to do everything together, whenever I walked into the house to sit and visit with her I would smell that hint of peppermint and know she was there even before I saw her smiling face. As a child I would spend a lot of time with my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Tahoe

    and he is missing out on a beautiful smart girl. And as for your best friend, she wanted to end the pain, and she did it the only way she knew how.” Damon whispered in my ear as he hugged me. I nodded and looked at him, he did have a good point. But letting my best friend die is something I will never forgive about myself. He walked me out of the shop and I locked up. We said our goodbyes and I started to walk in the direction of my home. I walked for about a good ten minutes in the blistering…

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  • Bathe Chair Research Paper

    Shower chairs have been around almost as long as showers, but with trendy aging population, they may be turning into more famous than ever. Mobility challenges, scientific conditions, and lack of balance due to different motives are all making bathe chairs show up in increasing houses. The full range of latest corrosion-resistant substances can be used for the production of a bath chair. Some of the cheapest ones are crafted from desirable vintage plastic, which now is available in solid, thin…

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  • Miscommunications On Faith And Faith In Salvation By Langston Hughes

    his life when he was only twelve. Langston talks about his miscommunications about “coming to Jesus” (947). In this story Langston starts before the actual revival at his Auntie Reed’s Church. He fills us in on what events in his life had led up to this point in his life. Langston describes the pastors aggressive preaching style and the congregations support for their pastor. Langston was “placed in the mourner 's bench” (947) where he was to sit until he “saw Jesus.” Langston sits on the bench…

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  • A Case Study Of A L Ischemic MCA Stroke

    OBJECTIVE: SYSTEMS REVIEW Cardiopulmonary System: Blood Pressure: 125/70mmHg (sitting/L UE) Heart Rate: 82bpm (strong/regular) (L radial pulse) Respiratory Rate: 18bpm O2 Sat: 99% (at rest/L 3rd digit), 97% (post 10M walk) CTT: unable 2° expressive aphasia Integumentary System: Intact, no skin breakdown. Scars consistent with bilateral carotid endarterectomy were noted. R LE discoloration (purple/red) with minimal edema compared to the L LE was observed. Neuromuscular and…

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