Military awards and decorations

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  • Describe The Relationship Between Esther And Dementia

    “Boom,” she dove into the motionless water. Only one solitary thought remained in her mind. He is watching…. She did not dare to look back, she knew that whatever happened it was in his hands. - What she didn't know, is that in the next 10 seconds she would destroy the Junior World record by a margin of 3.41 seconds to become the youngest American to qualify for an Olympic Game. Most importantly her father would be watching. It all began years ago when her father developed dementia. Her one and only father. He had supported her through the death of her mother. He was her bastion. Who was she without him? What would she do without him? The world that she knew had been completely torn apart. Her most beloved person in this life was gone…. Again. All she has left is her father Swimming medal. A piece of dull silver with a green tint added to it from its time in this world. A scar with a date…. This was her father's most prized possession.She held onto the medallion with all her heart; it was a piece of him that she would never let go…. Esther was raised in a Christian family, her father and mother always went to church on Sundays. She used to sing her favorite song Good Good Father. She was told a thousand stories of what her family thought He was like. How he shelters us, and how we grow close to God through our trials. She knew what He was like. During this difficult time she told herself, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” She could not afford to lose…

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  • Essay On Military Families

    Families face numerous challenges before, during, and after a family member has been deployed. A lot of attention and studies have been placed on the deployment of the soldiers, but the return and reunification process can be just as stressful. The proposed documentaries will give a brief overview of military families and will follow the conflicts and struggle these families faced when their service members returned home from deployments to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These deployments…

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  • Unfair Awards System Essay

    The Unfair Awards System during Iraq and Afghanistan SGM Roslyn D. Mason United States Sergeants Major Academy Sergeants Major Course (SMC) CL43B SGM JOHN A. KOLODGY October 10, 2016 Having been involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan wars the one consistent thing that I have noticed was a high distribution of awards to officers and senior enlisted whom did not deserve them. At first when reading the citations of extreme heroism, working above and beyond duties, and rank. One would come…

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  • Suicide And Bravery In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    pain of what they did or witnessed This reduces the effects of PTSD in a majority of veterans. The mask created by a US Army Flight Medic does a good job of representing Norman Bowker and the problems he faces after returning from war. “Minefield” written by Peter K. McShane relates to the situation in which the “Poppa-San” guided the Lt. Jimmy Cross and his soldiers through the minefield. Art and Literature created by veterans to reduce the effects of PTSD ultimately links, to multiple aspects…

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  • Sgm Rafael Essay

    SUBJECT: Nomination for Award of the Order of Saint Maurice for Brazilian Army SGM Rafael Severiano Biserra 1. SGM Rafael has distinguished himself through exemplary professional and personal contribution to the Infantry during his 24 years of service in Brazilian Army. Therefore, I nominate him for induction in the Order of Saint Maurice and presentation of the Centurion Award. I am making this nomination on behalf of SGM Rafael based upon his significant contributions outlined below. 2. SGM…

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  • Staff Sergeant Citizen

    Staff Sergeant Citizen enlisted in the United States Army on January 26th, 2005. He completed Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia in June 1999. He completed Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, Virginia in 2005 for Military Occupational Specialty Parachute Rigger. He reclassified and graduated for 68W Healthcare Specialist in 2007 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Staff Sergeant Citizen’s has served as an Airdrop Equipment Repair SPC (2-75th Ranger Battalion), Fort Lewis, Washington; Team…

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  • Post-Graduate Education Process Analysis

    employment with several organizations providing security for the U.S. military in order to maintain my security clearance. During this time I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree and…

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  • Informative Essay On Louis Ted Seith

    General Seith had both of these. Louis’ son, Jim said, “Louis Ted Seith loved every job he had and always tried his hardest” (My Great Uncle Jim). Louis loved the U.S. and his family. When he was retired, he missed being in the military every day. He missed flying airplanes, but he understood that he must let the newer, younger people do their jobs. Louis always wanted to put in 100% of his effort. For example, when he was a Command at the Air Force Academy training cadets, every morning Louis…

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  • David Pierce Biography

    September 20th, 1979. I earned my high school diploma from Chester W. Nimitz High School out of Irving, TX. In my short time being at the Zama Field Office, I have taken a Japanese 101 course, and continually strive to better my language proficiency. I entered the U.S. Army on October 15th, 2009. I successfully completed One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning, GA with Alpha Company (CO), 2nd Battalion (BTN) 19th Infantry Regiment (REG), 198th Infantry Brigade (BDE). Upon graduating, I…

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  • James H. Doolittle Quotes

    hero in the aeronautical field. One of those famous achievements is that he as a commander and pilot was behind the attack against Tokyo which really helped in the war against Japan which we gained respect from that situation since Japan was responsible for the attack of Pearl Harbor. James H. Doolittle actually made a new aircraft fuel called octane 100 gasoline and made a lot of navigation instruments for the aircraft there's a list of achievements that James H. Doolittle got- Distinguished…

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