Describe The Relationship Between Esther And Dementia

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“Boom,” she dove into the motionless water. Only one solitary thought remained in her mind. He is watching…. She did not dare to look back, she knew that whatever happened it was in his hands. - What she didn't know, is that in the next 10 seconds she would destroy the Junior World record by a margin of 3.41 seconds to become the youngest American to qualify for an Olympic Game. Most importantly her father would be watching.
It all began years ago when her father developed dementia. Her one and only father. He had supported her through the death of her mother. He was her bastion. Who was she without him? What would she do without him? The world that she knew had been completely torn apart. Her most beloved person in this life was gone…. Again.
All she has left is her
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But her step- mother remained strong. She knew that her beloved husband would be in a better place, a place where the pain was outlawed, where he wouldn't have to forget his daughters name. Her step-mother also knew the importance of faith. She had no father, she had no “mother”, all she had was her faith and his medallion.
Although times were difficult, her mother did all she could to keep her daughter's mind of her father's death. Esther could take her father's death in two ways contrasting ways: Either accept her father's death and draw courage and strength from it, or let it destroy her piece by piece….
Months Later swimming season had just begun. Esther did what her father would like best. After his death, Esther pursued her dream of one-day swimming for The University of British Columbia. She swam every day from 4:00 am-7:00 am, and 4:30 pm- 6:00 pm. Her mother supported her dreams. She drove Esther every day for 3 months, NONSTOP. She was not going to let her little girl suffer through her father's death while her dream of being a swimmer

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