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  • Essay On Military Working Dog

    Military Working Dogs are the unsung heros of war. Military working dogs (MWDs) have served both the military and civilians with their courage and bravery and now it’s time for us to give back and give them good homes when they retire. A military working dog possesses traits of loyalty, devotion and protectiveness and have the heart of a soldier to do the right thing. In C.D. Watson’s article “Let’s Salute Our Canine Veterans! (Have You Considered Adopting One?),” he explains that their devotion and desire to please their handlers, their courage and intelligence make them superior soldiers. The number of human lives saved as a result of these courageous public servants cannot be minimized. In an interview with retired Marine Corporal Megan Leavey, Leavey tells of her career in the U.S. Marine Corps with her partner Sergeant Rex, a German Shepard and the bond they shared. Leavey and Rex spent two six month tours together in Iraq and completed over 100 missions as a team. While conducting a vehicle search in Iraq,…

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  • Military Working Dog Essay

    Military Working Dogs Blistering heat, stinging sand, gritty wind. These extreme conditions America's brave servicemen withstand while overseas. However, they are not alone. They are accompanied by Military Working Dogs who also encounter such hellish conditions. Why, one may ask, would a nation deploy dogs to war? A Military Working Dog is not the common, everyday street dog; he is tasked with completing, with ease, assignments that would potentially cause hardship and danger to soldiers. He is…

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  • Contrast The Relationship Between Dog And Child With Autism

    Evidence proves that there is a true reason behind the deeper connection between dog and child with autism. Fung and Seung-ming Leung, describe how therapy…

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  • Police Service Dogs

    “If you don’t have a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you. But there may be something wrong with your life.” (Vincent Van Gogh) When it comes to How Police Service Dogs relate to the Fourth Amendment it’s not always something people might want to talk about or learn about. My objective or purpose for this research paper is to inform the readers of the 4th Amendment, to educate those on Police Service Dogs and how they work, and to show how they both work together.…

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  • Influence Of Buck In The Call Of The Wild

    Buck, the main dog in The Call of the Wild, was a St. Bernard/Scotch Shepherd dog living the perfect life in the sun-kissed Santa Clara valley. Before the wild, he was in the kind of lifestyle where he was treated with anything and everything any dog would have. He was healthy, fed constantly, living in a nice home, and feeling loved. Although, for Buck, his cozy and happy life comes to an end where he is secretly sold to Alaska by one of the workers on the estate without anybody noticing.…

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  • The Role Of Pets In The Care Industry

    year people are spending more on caring for their pets. With almost 80million pets in the US alone, the care industry has plenty of business and it is believed that the care industry will be thriving in the upcoming years (Franchise help, 2016). For example, in 2014 U.S owners spent almost $56.4 billion on care services for their animals and it is expected to reach $69.4 at 2020 (BCC Research, 2010). In 2014 it was reported that 67% of animal shelters in the UK had noticed that the number of…

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  • Asian Elephant Herding

    Sheep dogs have a tendency to display herding behaviours as their herding instinct, as they have a tendency to herd other small animals and children, without proper training, this behaviour could become problematic. Herding is a behaviour that animals display to bring a group of animals together and to move and maintain the group. Herding may be have been of benefit in the wild as wolves and wild dogs hunt in packs, herding and chasing an animal to cut off their escape route. This behaviour may…

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  • George And Lenny In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    In Of Mice & Men the two main characters foster an interesting type of relationship that was very uncommon to find at the time of this book’s story. George and Lenny both follow the dynamic of “lone wanderers, working for a living, never settling down” type that was very attractive to a lot of men at the time. It allowed them to be there own person, make their own money and not have to worry about being ‘settled’ necessarily, and also having the freedom to romanticize what the future may bring.…

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  • The Importance Of Ear Tail Docking

    Dog is man’s best friend; they are kind, they are loyal, and they never laugh when they see you practicing your new dance moves. Dog owners across this country, however, deem it fair to have their “best friends” undergo unnecessary, painful surgeries. Ear cropping and tail docking, the process of cutting off the ears and tails of dogs to look a certain way, is wrong and cruel to our pets. Tail docking, when done by a veterinarian, is a procedure in which a puppy, only a few days old at the time,…

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  • Primitivism In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

    Heights is undertaken, which has further explained Primitivism in Healthcliff’s personality, and the regression of dog into wolf, hence going from partial domesticity into wildness, from control into chaos and from apparent calmness into destructiveness. Indeed, the comparison of a violent dog with Heathcliff is significantly used by Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights throughout the novel, and…

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