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  • Terry Tempest Williams A Shark In The Mind Of An Artist

    value or description of what's been removed from its place? I believe it does. On a camping trip in Yosemite, Ca in the early months of 2016. i'm sitting around a campfire, 4500 feet above sea level, 5 miles from where we parked our car, and 323 miles from home. Spring melt has just started in the mountains and the forest is filled with whispers from the rushing river water off in the distance. Eight of us sit around the flames, an orange hue coloring the faces of strangers sharing the warmth. Stories of our journeys to this secluded camping area are being exchanged: the struggles each of us faced as we hiked through the terrain and dealt with unexpected rain in an already frigid day, what trails we had taken and what wildlife we’ve seen- A Blue Stellar in particular who enjoys staying near the camping area to street performer its colors for food - , how long would we be there and where we planned to go afterward and what other national parks needed to be visited. The night is pitch dark from the heavy clouds blocking out the moon and stars, the water-vapor saturated masses liberate themselves of the treasure they'd been withholding, and the sound of light pitter-patter begins as the water changes its composition on its dance back to earth. A couple emerges from the cold dusk and joins us around the campfire. The man is tall and husky, his glasses reflect a shine made from the light of the fire. He peacocks being dressed head to toe in new Columbia hiking gear, the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Base De Plein Air Camp

    the campers staying for the next month. Camp had started. I came to this camp in Canada towards the end of summer - just before school started again. The camp was special. The camp was different. The Base de Plein Air camp is said to have ghosts roaming the halls. Although they may seem unreal, which I thought too, they roam the Maskinonge Lake and forest in Mont Tremblant, CA. On the first day, campers got to meet one and other, play games, and make friends. As soon as everyone arrived, we…

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  • Plaintiff Log Case Study

    I. Introduction This is a civil action due to an incident involving a park ranger and UH graduate engineer and his friends at Hawaii State park. The main party being held liable in this civil suit is the UH graduate engineer. Defendant Michael Nishimoto (“Defendant” or “Michael”) argues that this is nothing more than an unfortunate campfire event that accidentally injured Lehua Ching (“Plaintiff” or “Mrs. Ching”), park ranger in her line of duty and he should not be held liable. Also, Defendant…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Red Box Canyon

    Doctors and Lawyers, will be running around without any clothes while shooting off fire works as well. In addition they will be digging a huge pit and heating it up with water from the creek, under a make shift shelter of bush , branches and such. You know a sauna. This was going to be a party to beat all parties. Of course, we were stunned. This Ranger was allowing all these unauthorized people to come and desecrate this campground, and potentially setting the forest on fire. So we…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Jeff's Hunting Bear

    They everyone sat around the campfire that night. The next morning they packed everything up and headed home. When Jeff got home he continued what he was doing two days ago. He fixed some leaky pipes and fed his dog. He sat down to watch some tv and eventually fell asleep. Early the next morning a knock came to the door. It took Jeff a couple of seconds to finally get up. It was his buddy John, he had returned to the campground and retrieved the bear. He gave it to Jeff to do what he wanted with…

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  • Boy Scouts Journey

    messing around and not paying attention to his surroundings. It's safe to say that all of their clothes and other gear were soaking wet. They had to swim the canoe back to shore and dump all the water out, but the day did get better. Toward the end of the canoe trip for the day, the troop took a stop at a small island called little rock. Everyone had lunch and did some cliff jumping. Once all tired out the troop paddled for another hour to their next campsite and enjoyed the sunset over the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Benefits Of Rock Creek Park

    How to Enjoy a Tennessee Park for Fewer than Twenty Dollars Wondering where to find a great recreational venue for less than twenty dollars? Look no further than your own backyard. There are a variety of leisure activities available at Tennessee’s state and national parks for little to no expense at all. Advanced preparation is essential to assure a successful outing while keeping the cost down. One of the local favorites is Rock Creek Park, located in Unicoi County, Tennessee. Rock Creek Park…

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  • Personal Narrative: Grayrocks

    into an intense game of cornhole. Once the sun set and the adults started making their eminent dinners, we went for a night swim. We brought out some glowsticks and, of course, ended up having extreme chicken fights in which Colton and I paired up and our friend Delaney paired up with Hailee. During these fights, we basically wrestle on top of each other’s shoulders until one of the pairs falls. It seems a bit dangerous and quite frankly, insane, but it's all for good fun. That night, as we were…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Camping With Wolves

    announced that we had arrived. With our arrival, came the first surprise of the trip. My dad had reserved a teepee for us to stay in. One of the staff members at the sanctuary checked us in led and introduced us to our guide for our stay. Mike introduced himself and led us to the teepee. I was so cool. It was at least ten feet tall and had eight supporting poles that crisscrossed and met at the top. The rest was a heavy brown canvas that wrapped around the poles like skin over bones. Sunlight…

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  • Spontaneous Education: A Fictional Short Story

    My wife as usual prepared a gourmet meal from what seemed too be a can of beans and we started a campfire for the evening. S?mores, ghost stories, and being reminded how beautiful the night sky can be. It all seemed so peaceful. Then came the scream. As if she had been shot, my wife?s face went pale, she became speechless and began pointing into the woods. The raccoons had come for desert. As we all started taking pictures and throwing them food her panic attacked continued. She grabbed…

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