The Ultimate Survival Warm

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The ultimate Survival Hacks for staying warm and dry from head to feet

Going camping is one thing that a lot of people only dream about. The outdoors, creeping sounds at night and the freezing cold temperatures. Camping is fun, if you know how to keep warm. Staying warm at night may be the only thing that matters on your camping trip or if you happen to get stuck outdoors. Freezing cold temperatures can completely change the trajectory of your day from a good one, to the worst day of your life. It is very important to know how to pack to keep warm in the outdoors. It is important to note that this does not mean you pack every single item you can find for keeping warm, as this will just leave you with a lot of junk outdoors
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Wrap your thermos with an extra sweater: It isn’t new knowledge that you should pack a thermos cooler so you can keep your warm liquids. What you need to remember is something that a lot of people don’t know. No matter how effective your thermos is, it eventually cools off. So to keep your liquids warm for longer, try to wrap your cooler with a sweater as the temperature starts to drop at night. This will ensure that you have something warm to drink when it starts freezing.
7. Your insulating pad matters: It is very important to invest in your insulating pad. This will keep you very warm at night. There are some cheap insulating pads for campers that offer you the same functionality as the expensive ones.
8. Pack some gloves: You have your head and feet covered up, next you need to make sure your fingers aren’t exposed to the cold. Being stuck outside at night can expose you to a series of cold related risks. It is therefore essential for you to protect every part of your body as much as possible.

If you are ever stuck outside at night, these 8 survival hacks will help to keep you warm and can prevent you from falling ill. Some other tips include wearing waterproof boots and staying away from cotton fabrics. Doing these things will ensure your body temperature remains at optimum level. It is also very important that you pack as little as possible. This can make your entire trip a lot more

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