Hot And Cold Weather Compare And Contrast

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Register to read the introduction… The variance is from waterskiing to surfing. Additionally just soaking up the cool water on the beach is popular. Air-conditioning is necessary in some areas. Not going out at all or going to the air-conditioned malls become common. Water is always required in this climate, as hydration needs consideration to keep the cramps away or worse heat stroke. Prevent Sunburn by using light clothing. Cold – During the cold weather, snow sports are a favorite. Skiing on the slopes or sledding are fun sports. Clothing will be a factor keeping warm in the cold weather conditions. Both climates enjoy ice skating but not outside. In the cold climate outside skating is available. The third difference between Hot and Cold Weather are the locations Hot - Hot climates, normally, associate with desert and severe sun areas, like Arizona, and California within the United States. Outside the United States, places like Saudi Arabia, India, and the Gulf Regions become very hot during both day and night. Australia has extreme heat and dust that makes their climate hot

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