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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Red Box Canyon

    running around without any clothes while shooting off fire works as well. In addition they will be digging a huge pit and heating it up with water from the creek, under a make shift shelter of bush , branches and such. You know a sauna. This was going to be a party to beat all parties. Of course, we were stunned. This Ranger was allowing all these unauthorized people to come and desecrate this campground, and potentially setting the forest on fire. So we all waited in anticipation for this huge party to start in the late afternoon. Around four in the afternoon three people arrived for this big event. And that was it, just four people to party until dawn. They kept to themselves, so we told our usual campfire stories about our backpacking adventures. Which as it turned out were more interesting then the other one across the campground. We all turned in, but Mark said they did set some fire works off, but it was not anything to talk about. However, this non-event became a great story to tell around our…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Wyoming Backcountry

    The Wyoming backcountry is stunning. There is an infinite blanket of trees in every direction. The sky has two moods either happy: blue with cotton ball clouds or angry: a stormy scary black color. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp. July, 2015, along with 11 close friends, 2 counselors, and a trip leader I went hiking in the backcountry of Wyoming on a 6 day backpacking trip. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp, overpowers the salty, moist smell of the other…

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  • Who Cares Speech Reflection

    Who Cares Speech For my attention step of my Who Cares speech, I used pictures of my hiking trip so it would be easier to relate to. In addition to making it easier to relate to, it made it easier to understand the concepts I was talking about and how pretty the trails were. I also asked them if they had ever been hiking in Oregon so the audience could have a direct link to my topic. This made it even more effortless to relate and find a connection because all of the class lives…

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  • The Journey Of Wild By Cheryl Strayed

    Wild, this book in itself, was a journey for me; at first not appreciating the book nor the story it held, but after reading it I saw why it is highly talked about. Not only was the story interesting, but it was the way Cheryl Strayed wrote it that made it come to life. Wild does not just tell a journey, but makes you feel as if you are on the journey yourself. Strayed wrote Wild from her life story, but almost each sentence had some kind of parallel meaning to it. The main theme I thought that…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Great Long Hike

    The Great Long Hike My family and I went on a hike. Not just any hike, one that was a lot longer than expected. Before we left the house I asked my mom. “How long does it take to get there?” She said “About an hour.” 1 hour and 10 mins later… “Mom?” “Shouldn't we be there already be there?” “Yes .” said mom. My mom was figuring out where to go from where we were. It took another 30 mins to get to the exact place where we need to go. So finally we found the place. FINALLY I…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Camp Cornhusker

    Walking in the thick woods of Camp Cornhusker, the sun is seeping through the treetops while walking into what seems like a thousand thorny bushes. When everyone stops for a water break, someone counts to make sure that everyone is all there. “Seven people.” announced Ian, a tall slender guy who always has a bandana wrapped his neck for some odd reason. In a very concerned voice the leader of the group, Zach Cole who works as the aquatics director, quizzically recited the number seven to…

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  • Importance Of Mountain Biking Etiquette

    Mountain Biking Etiquette What is the importance of these Mountain Biking Etiquettes? Why do we have them? These mountains and trails that we ride or hike are considered our safe haven from our daily grind. While these amazingly beautiful strips of the earth aid us in our escape from the hectic civilization, there Riding your bike on the off-road mountain adventure means you are attempting to balance your act on both the bike and the bikers’ behavior. For some bikers, strategizing those crooked…

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  • Cuyamaca Descriptive Writing

    Terrain- You may be wondering, what does the outside area of Cuyamaca look like? Well it's almost a taste of everything. You will cast your eyes upon a vast area of hills and mountains the size of a skyscraper. In other places you will find remarkable wet lands that are packed with eye-catching plants that will throw you off your feet. In addition to that, you may catch a glimpse of the the green yet wavy grass fields. Lastly, you have the noteworthy forests which are loaded with beautiful…

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  • Advantages Of Backpacking Essay

    General introduction: Backpacking In general, backpacking is a self-governing, global, low- budget method for travelling. Its admirers, who backpack are called ‘Backpacker’. Who mostly travel for a longer time than normal tourists, visit diverse countries while on the road, which can take the months, sometimes years. We also have people who go camping, hiking and tramping in woods or outdoors, hitch-hiking their journey from a place to another and those with backpacks with switching between…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Part Of My Life

    Every day I try harder than the day before. I genuinely wish this had been the case my entire life, but that is just not true. When I first began my college career, I felt adrift in a world that was rapidly maturing without me. I excelled in the classes I enjoyed, and coasted with minimal effort in those I found less appealing, assuming that I continued to go at all. My friends were contemplating the classes which would propel them into their careers, while I reflected upon the pervasive feeling…

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