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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In Colombia

    Describe your interest in Colombia. What are your reasons for wanting to participate in the summer program? What do you think you 'll gain from the trip? Anyone can agree that over the past couple decades Colombia has had a long and difficult journey to stand where is it today. But my interest is more refined than that, and two fold. Firstly I am interested in understanding more about Colombia’s recovery both culturally and economically. I find the way in which the government is endorsing…

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  • Gustavus Reflection

    Driving up I recognize the Gustavus campus but only as an outsider. I never paid much mind during tours as I assumed I would never have the financing to afford to come here. My car was “fully” loaded and as I unloaded I saw my pile of two bins and my medicine draw compared to the mountains of other people's belongings. I never felt like I has no possessions until then. I have been living on my own for years and only bought essential items. I realized this was one of the first social barriers I…

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  • 1. Why Do Sex Chromosomes Have Peculiar Passing Down Traits?

    For this assignment, I chose to interview Dr. Stuart McDaniel, an assistant professor at the University of Florida. Since Dr. McDaniel was a child, he loved the outdoors and was always interested in backpacking. He had a specific interest for maps and the distribution of plants. Plants on mountain tops never ceased to amaze him. He received is Bachelors of Science in biology from Oberlin College. In 1994, he moved to Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Agroforestry department. After that,…

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  • Lgbt Community Health Research Paper

    provide support for people who have experienced sexual assault or dating violence, they also offer support for VCU students who are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. The Well sponsors different activities for these students, including backpacking trips, bonfires, and a speaker series titled “You did…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Rural Italy

    I didn't mind that my pant size would get at least two sizes bigger, I wanted to experience life in rural Italy before I died. So fitting in a snug size 7/8 I have now checked that item off my bucket list. There are certain cultures and languages that you just find yourself gravitating towards as a youngin'. For me, it was always French, partially because my last name is Franco and I always thought it was perfect if I became a Franco-phone. That and my dad's name is Pierre, despite being…

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  • Golden Vail High School Case Study

    Every administrator’s dream, is to be hired at a school where there is a positive school culture, natural collaboration, transparency among all stakeholders, and a common shared vision. A place where progressive thinking from staff and students are welcome, and school pride and academic performance is soaring. Unfortunately, many of schools do not encompass those characteristics on one campus. It often takes years to find an administrative leader, build relationships, and have a shared vision to…

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  • Suniya S. Luthar's Case Study

    In 2003, psychologist, Suniya S. Luthar performed a case study on adolescents brought up by both high and low socioeconomic income families. The aim of this experiment was to explore possible contrasts between the affluent and low-income adolescents. The upper-class youth reported remarkably higher levels of anxiety and depression. Anxiety of the white-collar families scored a 24% versus the normal average: 17%. Similarly, the wealthy male youth tested 59% for the use of illicit drugs…

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  • Personal Narrative: The New Ecological Paradigm

    1. Growing up, my view of the environment was a conflicting mix of connection and disconnection. I was home-schooled for most of my elementary and high school years and for many of these years my family and I lived next to an evergreen forest—it was my extended classroom. I came to love this forest. I could see myself as a creature interdependent upon nature as described in the New Ecological Paradigm (Dunlap, pg. 333). Midway through my teenage years, the local logging company cut down the…

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  • Observation In Social Observation

    were mostly tourists. I heard many different NORM BREAKING OBSERVATION 4 languages mostly Chinese, although there was a lovely French couple, and two very polite Swedish families that I observed. As the space was so vast it did not seem as though the 50 or so people in the area were crowded by any means. Two large groups, with 10+ each, of Asian people who were surprisingly pushy and dominating of the decks. They crowded people off, including small children who needed to be closer for a…

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  • College Admissions Essay: A Moment In My Life

    As I try to pinpoint a single day or moment in my life that best exemplifies the person I am today, memories flood my mind and I think about all the opportunities that led me here to Brigham Young University. I could easily write about an epic backpacking trip or meeting President Obama, but there is a greater moment, not even a year ago when I saw myself from a whole new perspective. I always heard about girls who competed in Distinguished Young Women, former junior miss, in my town. They…

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