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  • The Importance Of College Sports

    After emailing and coordinating with the team captains, I was able to go and take photos at six different practices: jitsu, archery, table tennis, badminton, fencing and rock climbing. While these sports are very interesting and different from each other, I was still looking for something that showed the different body movements of sports in a more obscene way. I did more research and talked to classmates, when I was given the idea to go to a Parkour Gym and to go to the skate park at the Southbank. These are two ways of movement where the individual can add his/her own creativity and expression. These two sports are definitely different from the conventional club sport due to the ability to practice almost anywhere. All of these sports have a few things in common: movement, social aspects, passion and…

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  • Danny Nguyen's Role In Sustaining Sports

    There are many sport of there that don’t get the recognition that they deserve and one of them is badminton. Dominate sports in the United States are football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer. In the process of learning the way the sport works I interview with an athlete that has participated in events pertaining to the sport. The interviewee’s name is Danny Nguyen and badminton has been part of his life very early on due to a connect that the sport has with tennis. Danny Nguyen started…

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  • The Embassy Of Cambodia By Zadie Smith

    What does “struggle” mean to the average person? It may mean writing a trying essay, preparing for a job interview, or even something as simple as riding a bike. However, in “The Embassy of Cambodia,” Zadie Smith shows readers the real meaning of struggle through the main character, an unpaid housemaid by the name of Fatou. There are many protruding themes in the story, but the most prevalent moral of the story is no matter how many times the big guy may knock one down, they must always get up,…

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  • Badminton Discourse

    Badminton is a sport or hobby that people of all ages engage in, as this exemplifies that this sport is a initiative of fitness and weight loss which many people desire, as nearly 1/3 of the population of the world is obese. Many players are amateur and many are professional. Badminton is quite a world famous sport and majority of the countries joins the Olympics every four years. It is a sport played with a shuttle cock and a racquet. The game is easy to play once you get familiarized with it.…

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  • Badminton Essay

    Badminton game was invented in ancient Greece and has been a major game in the sport. Badminton was originally a child's play and was initially called 'battledore' or 'shuttlecock'. Badminton has been an old game in the PE class for decades. A fantastic sport that young people and adults can play, badminton requires a small amount of equipment and offers an exciting exercise that will improve eye and hand coordination as well as agility. In badminton, players use rackets to kick the shuttlecock…

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  • Biomechanics In Badminton

    The sport known as badminton has its origins in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. The ancient game was known as battledore (bat or paddle). Shuttlecock was probably originated more than 2000 years ago in the 1600s, where it was just two people hitting a shuttlecock back and forth without it hitting the ground. In 1934, the International Badminton Federation was formed, with the initial countries, which included England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand…

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  • Badminton Case Study

    5. Discussion 5.1 Event Overview Name of event: Badminton Competition 2015 5.1.1 Objectives i. Create a chance for participants to interact with each other. ii. Creating an opportunity for participants to take part in college activities through badminton tournaments. iii. To promote the spirit of sportsmanship among participants. iv. To bring together various organizations under one tournament. v. To bring closer the committees of the club. 5.1.2 Problem: i. Hard to find a suitable venue…

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  • Personal Narrative Speech: Winning In The Badminton School Team

    Everybody wants to be the winner. Winners get the glory and pride, the victory and the applause, the admiration and their place on the pedestal. Only winners get their names engraved into people’s mind. On the other hand, what do losers get? Shame, humiliation, side glances from others… . And yet to me, losing has more worth than winning. What opened my eyes to this was an incident that happened 5 years ago. When I was 12, I was invited to join the badminton school team. I would like to say…

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  • Case Study Of Agus Hariyanto Was A Great Professional Badminton Player

    1. Agus Hariyanto was a great professional badminton player. 2. He used to be ranked no.9 on the world, and now he works as a badminton coach. 3. He used to be in the Indonesian badminton national team. 4. Since he immigrated to Hong Kong, he joined the HK national team. 5. Because he hadn't lived in Hong Kong long enough (7 years), so he could not represent Hong Kong national team to play in 2004 Athens Olympics. 6. Agus has a Chinese name: Lam Kwong Ngai 7. The surname maybe followed his…

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  • Coach Leadership Influence

    active duty the role of a coach is to lend advice to the trained athlete to success. Most young players need to have some sort of influence and motivation to become the best at what sport they play. Coaches draw out the athlete’s potential with understanding their players and providing them with leadership. This would develop superb chemistry with not only a coach but with a team and is vital in how much better can athletes become to reach their full potential. In an article “Leadership…

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