Badminton Interview Essay

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There are many sport of there that don’t get the recognition that they deserve and one of them is badminton. Dominate sports in the United States are football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer. In the process of learning the way the sport works I interview with an athlete that has participated in events pertaining to the sport. The interviewee’s name is Danny Nguyen and badminton has been part of his life very early on due to a connect that the sport has with tennis.
Danny Nguyen started to play the sport when he was a young child and his instructor was his neighbor. At the start the sport was more for fun and with the progression of time he began to be more competitive and looked to challenge his skills. He participated in competitions,
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Badminton requires the player to have a high stamina level and to reach and sustain it Danny ran a mile a day at different rate to avoid getting accustom to the run and reaching a sort of plateau. To further continue his regime, he improved his upper body by doing some push up to gain strength. What Danny spends most of his time with was practicing his serve because it is crucial to have a solid serve in badminton. Danny’s objective with his regime was to consistently hit the shuttlecock at the center of the racquet. As told by friends, other player etc. it was very important for Danny to incorporate some footwork to be able to move around with ease and without hesitating on how to move and where. There was not much of a mental training for him, the goal for Danny was to have fun while playing, but also to give it his all without making it easy for the rest to beat him when …show more content…
During the games he has been in he just focused on having fun and not messing up. He stated that the most he did to prepare was that he took deep breaths and visualized himself hitting the shuttlecock in the center of the racquet. So he did use imagery and breathing exercises to allow is performance to improve and avoid any anxiety that may occur. In Danny’s perspective, he didn’t do anything like that can be referred to as mental practices, they were just everyday things he had learned growing up. Some mental difficulties Danny encountered were that he felt guilty when he played with a team because he felt that he let them down because he was okay with not winning since a huge part for him playing was to just have fun. Another difficulty was that he played competitively, but that was not a priority to him, which conflicted with the team’s mindset an. The perception that Danny has about sport psychology is that it a great tool to use you need to focus on major issues like recovering from an injury or from conflicting issues with the team. If it’s just about you not performing well couple of games then you need to work on your form and the basic skills, before you say you need a sport psychologist. As a result, his advice is to “always remember the basics and practice them” and “to have fun while giving it your all

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