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Informative Speech Outline: COMS 1030 Kayla McNeal
Title of Speech: The Game of Volleyball: Its Beginnings and the Physical Effects it Can Have
Specific Purpose: My audience will understand how and when volleyball was created, the rules and positions, and the physical effects it can have on a person.
Thesis: The game of volleyball has been around for years, filled with rules and positions, and can cause many physical effects on those who play.
I. Attention Getter
i. (PowerPoint of a picture of myself and my high school team) It was the fifth and final set of the match, and our team knew we had to be the first to score 15 points. We were playing one of our rivals, the Lucasville Valley Indians, and the score was currently
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Audience Relevance Link
i. Ohio University women’s volleyball team is the defending MAC champions, and a fellow peer of ours, Miss Abbey Kay, also played volleyball in high school as a middle and right side hitter.
III. Credibility
i. I played volleyball from the time I could pick up a ball, all throughout high school. I was a setter and mostly a defensive backrow player, but it varied throughout my career.
IV. Thesis
i. The game of volleyball has been around for years, filled with rules and positions, and can cause many physical effects on those who play.
V. Preview
i. Today, I will discuss the beginnings, the rules, the positions and the physical effects it can have.
Transition: First, we will discuss how volleyball began.
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The setter is like the quarterback of the volleyball team. Their job every play is to set the front row up or sometimes even the back row. The second touch is always meant for the setter.
b. Liberos are your defensive specialists. This person can come in and out of the game whenever, and wears a different colored jersey.
C. Here is a simple over view to the rules of the game.
a. The team has six players, three in the front row and three in the back. Each team is allowed to have three touches before sending the ball back over the net, and if you touched the ball first you can’t touch it second. You CANNOT block a serve, and you’re not permitted to catch the ball. (Basic Volleyball Rules - Easy to Understand Volleyball Rules. (n.d.). Retrieved October 12, 2016, from http://www.volleyballadvisors.com/basic-volleyball-rules.html)
b. Play can continue if the ball hits the net on your side. Play will stop if the ball is played outside of the antennas and be considered out and the other team’s point.
c. The ball is considered in if it hits any part of the in line. If the ball does not touch the lines, goes outside of the antennas or its hit any part of the gym that the ref has determined as not live, it will be considered out and play will

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