Tom Brennan Character Analysis

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Spoken Task

Will: Morning/afternoon Hayden, what’s been happening mate?

Hayden: Ahh not much, what’s new?

Will: Well not much, you know, school and football keeping me busy.

Hayden: Yeah school is getting tough, I’m not enjoying it too much, except for English, we’re learning about growing up and it’s finally an interesting unit.

Will: Oh really? We are too, with Tom Brennan and Flirting (Hayden: Yeah, those are the ones). Okay, what do you think about it?

Hayden: They’re both good stories, Tom Brennan is about how Tom’s brother Daniel is sentenced to prison, the novel explores the Brennan family’s overcoming the troubles and hardships that they face, it’s a good read. Flirting is about the relationship between Danny Embling and Thandiwe
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Joe, Tom’s dad, put on a brave face in contrast to his mum. He was the one that was keeping the family afloat. He remained optimistic and positive in as many situations as possible, because of his will to do what was best for the family. Staying together, supporting each other and keeping love within the family is what aided their road to recovery.

Hayden: Yeah well said, on the topic of themes, I found a pretty unique one in Flirting, it’s the theme of Absurdism, which is basically when people seem to act bizarrely because they accept and believe that humans are unable to find meaning in life. Thandiwe and Danny reference Albert Camus a fair bit, he was a French philosopher and pioneer of Absurdism (*bunny ears*), and they put his philosophies into practice in the film.

Will: Yeah, they seem to go against what everyone else does and thinks, on purpose.

Hayden: Exactly, this is really obvious in the debate between their respective schools, where they take opposing sides to their own teams. Danny challenges sport and how he thinks it is meaningless, this is key to the plot as it sees him become an outcast.

Will: That’s all well and good Hayden but can you cut to the chase? I’ve gotta go soon (*taps watch*).

Hayden: Ah wouldn’t expect you to understand Will, so which text resonated with you

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