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  • Book Analysis: Pride Of Baghdad

    Four hungry lions escape captivity. What do you do? Most people would panic, lock their doors and pray they can’t smell the leftover Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge. Now imagine your neighborhood was just attacked by aerial bombers. Believe it or not, both of these scenarios are true, and happened simultaneously in Iraq. April 2003, the United States started the invasion of Iraq. During the bombing raids, four starving lions escaped from the Baghdad zoo. Later, they were shot and killed by American soldiers. Brain K. Vaughn and Niko Henrichon cleverly used this event to venture into their thoughts and reactions of the war in the graphic novel, Pride of Baghdad. However the book is not about lions, the zoo or even the war itself, the story covers themes of freedom and survival. Every page in Pride of Baghdad demonstrates important…

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  • George Bush's Case Study: The War On Iraq

    feature of the US foreign policy. Bush accused Iraq of developing weapons of mass destruction which then lead to the United Nations intervening and assessing the countries weaponry. No such weapons were found but the US pressed the issue further, gaining backing from the UKs Prime Minister Tony Blair, along with other countries such as Poland and Australia. On March 20th 2003, the US declared war on Iraq with the backing of coalition forces. The invasion by the coalition forces was quick…

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  • Storm Vs Operation Desert Storm

    The US was not allowing Iraq to simply “claim” Kuwait as theirs, so they declared war. The US needed to come up with a plan to stop Iraq without hesitation, so they came up with a two part war. The split between two parts of the war was extremely effective. The first part of the war was the bombing phase. This was useful to all coalition forces because they were able to build up ground units before sending them into Kuwait (Pearce 352). Not only was the bombing giving forces time to build, it…

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  • Bombing In Baghdad

    Chase McCourt Bombing in Baghdad on August 13th Media Report The New York Times wrote an article about the bombing titled “Bomb Claimed by ISIS Kills Dozens in Baghdad”. They describe the event-taking place in a Shiite community near a market. The event killed 60 people and wounded 100 more. They talk about how bombings have been occurring in Baghdad regularly for years now. This is what most Americans perceive of the…

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  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction Of Iraq

    The USA is worldwide known for being the major liberal democratic country. However, on 20th march 2003, the USA invaded Iraq, which was the major and the most expensive military confrontation for the USA after Cold war (Lieberfeld, 2005). This action has been argued to be the breaking and rejecting the international law of non-intervention. But, the justification of such action was given by the president of the USA – George W. Bush as following: ‘Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward…

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  • Iraq Cultural Diversity

    conflict. Most of the damage done to Iraq's cultural heritage was done following the 2003 war. That was due to the military and the new regime’s failure to protect Iraq's incomparable cultural heritage from looters and thieves after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. The seemingly slowness of the U.S military and the new administration's pace at replacing the collapsed regime and security apparatus allowed for significant looting after the war. Also, it can not be denied that many of the…

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  • How Did Saddam Hussein Invade Iraq

    Saddam Hussein had the power before he became president in 1979. He and the Baath party dominated Iraq until Saddam was removed by the US invasion in 2003.The reasons that made Saddam invade Kuwait are Kuwait refused to forgive debt Iraq had run up during Iran-Iraq war. Second, 1897 map shows Kuwait is a part of Iraq and separated by the British. In fact, all the Iraqi leaders had claimed that Kuwait had been wrongfully split off from Iraq. Also, the UN imposed hard economic sanctions on Iraq,…

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  • Personal Experience In Iraq

    Personal Experience Paper My eyes explode open. The vehicle’s cabin is filled with a gray, dusty smoke. Something is wrong. What just happened? Muscle-memory kicks in. In combat situations, leadership and training, is essential to defining the life-saving steps for any situation. Be, Know, Do and the NCO Creed are the cornerstones for the successful noncommissioned officer. “The Day”, Baghdad, Iraq General David Petraeus was the Commanding General, Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I).…

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  • The Gulf War: The Operation Desert Storm

    submission, many Arab nations include Israel stayed on the Coalition side. First came the bombing attack that set the stage for ground invasion of the US and UN troops onto Iraqi soil. The liberation of Kuwait is settled after only a hundred hour since the first gunfire initiation. Comprising forces from thirty-four countries, including a number of Arab countries, the coalition forces liberated Kuwait City and drove Iraqi forces into a retreat. American foot soldiers moved through Kuwait and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Coming Into International Security Threats

    soldier. To a soldier I think the war became more about fighting for the man next to him. It became about protecting their brothers and sisters in arms and not about what the media was saying. The media and president Bush was saying that the cause for the war was because they had weapons of mass destruction, but none were ever recovered. Many speculate that the war was simply a cover up for Bush to take out Saddam. I guess my question is should we have left Saddam alone or did we make the…

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