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  • Personal Narrative: My Turn Up

    The “Turn Up” “Where have you been??” My mentor sighed in disappointment on the other line. I had just got my license in June and by July I had saved up enough to buy my first car. It was a great deal (keeping in mind I work at a car dealership). Someone was going to trade it in and I simply bought it for more. By August, I finally managed to do everything I promised I wouldn’t, and in the end I paid the ultimate price. Totaled my car and learned a great lesson. The festivities were starting early because I managed to earn a whole weekend off from both of my jobs. I decided to spend it by “turning up” with a childhood friend at a couple clubs. We definitely partied. I was literally up all night. Dropped my friend off at six the next morning.…

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  • Katniss Everdeen In The Hunger Games: A Dystopian Society?

    The people of Capitol use The Hunger Games as punishment for the districts for their failed rebellion against the capitol. With the games being held annually at the capitol and being watched on television by everyone else which is enforced by the Capitol for their own entertainment. This flaw that is presented through The Hunger Games is present in today’s society where we seek pleasure in the reading of The Hunger Games and having people fight to the death for our own entertainment. Katniss is…

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  • Failing Grade Case Studies

    In this case study, the student, Kim has made a few bad decisions that affected her of receiving a failing grade in her Psychology course. Kim decided she deserved to go partying and it took a toll of her and her grade. Many school related events lead to this outcome of her receiving a failing grade. Kim had a tension with her husband and stress of her school assignment which lead to a bad outcome with her grade. I recommend Kim accept it and chose wiser decisions. Kim and her husband have…

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  • Essay On Harriet Jacob's Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

    Although she is aware of the harsh punishment that accompanies harboring a fugitive slave, Linda’s grandmother accepts the risks out of love and concern for her granddaughter’s wellbeing. Linda’s grandmother is a free woman, and knows the perils of slavery firsthand. Regardless, she first urges Linda to remain with the Flints encouraging Linda to “give it [escaping] up. Try to bear a little longer. Things may turn out better than expect[ed]” (118). Despite her grandmother’s contestations, Linda…

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  • Why I Raise My Grade

    be passing it’s still not a three which is not good enough of a grade for me to have. I will be able to raise my grade by turning in more work and trying harder in that class,and by doing this I can turn all of my 2’s into 4’s. I will also be raising my grade by studying more before each test so I may have a better chance at raising these grades.I will also be raising these grades by attempting to do a lot better with the rest of projects and test given. The next class I will be raising my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Deep Black

    like that do not arise very often.” She says, trying to pretend to care. “Well I am going to get cleaned up, and download the game. Call for me if you need me.” I say, as I hug her neck, and start towards my room. I walk swiftly towards my room. So excited, I feel as though I am going to explode. I quickly change my clothes, and I turn on my computer. When my computer warms up, I pull up my gaming engine, and begin downloading Deep Black. I could not believe I was finally about to play a game…

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  • Dialogue Essays: The Fall Of Garadan

    this month, and you have only been to Town Hall 18 times! Your punishment: mopping hallway 94, TWICE.” Jake walks out of the room and grabs a mop. “Sometimes I feel like life is so boring and dull…” Jake starts mopping. Suddenly the floor cracks, and breaks. Jake falls in with is mop. “What the? HELP! HELP! I HAVE FALLEN DOWN A HOLE!” “Whatever, we are not falling for your tricks again Jake.” “BUT I’VE NEVER TRICKED YOU BEFORE, oh forget it.” Jake looks around wondering where he is. He sees a…

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  • Venice Beach Boardwalk: A Short Story

    we are going to take a tour of during our stay, and we finally arrive to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. After an eventful day, we found ourselves back in our room half asleep. I take out my tooth brush from my suitcase and grab Maeve’s toothpaste, I enter the bathroom and turn on the cold water. I drop my toothbrush out of fear and anxiously call out for Maeve. She runs into the bathroom and shrieks. I pick up my toothbrush and blink three times hoping we are both hallucinating. We are not. The…

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  • Personal Narrative : A Car Ride With My Fellow Friends

    "Ring!" sounded the final bell on a Friday afternoon at school. Students sprinted out of class to get to their cars trying to beat the rush of traffic; I was one of them. I stopped by my locker to grab all of my books and then hurried out to my shiny gold Toyota Camry. I quickly put my key into the ignition and backed out of my parking spot. I stepped on the gas pedal to beat all of the idiot drivers that don 't know how to wait their turn. Once at the stoplight, I took a sharp right turn…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Engineering Club

    It was also the day where I had to prove to everyone else that I deserved to be part of the team, but first I had to come across many obstacles. By the time I entered the classroom where the club meets everyone was already choosing what part of the robot they wanted to work on. The options were the wheels, arm, base, and programming. For certain I didn’t know how to program so that was out of the question from the other three choices I had left I decided to work on the wheels which didn’t seem…

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