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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Deterrence

    Cyber deterrence has been thrown out in the public, governmental, and military sectors for the better part of the first half of the decade, stretching into discussions currently in organizations like NATO, and governments worldwide. The theory is simple: “deter someone from doing something out of fear of repercussion or retaliation.” Theory and concept however, are very different premises and conclusions. Everyone in the information warfare area knows that attribution is a slippery slope, and with the quick typing of a few characters on a keyboard, an attacker can choose to be anyone they want to appear to be. Officials pounding any “attribution” on any pulpit, continue to learn nothing, and attackers will continue with their cyber-shenanigans. These discussions (cyber deterrence) are not scaring, nor deterring anyone. Attribution is a rather mystical thing when it comes to cyber-attacks. “Cyber related” companies offering response based services - incident response, investigations - know this very well and play up the fear to continue to sell their services. As an offensive penetration tester, I have many tricks up my sleeve that can deceive your best firewalls, intrusion prevention, and detection systems. and have staff chasing ghosts. As an offensive penetration tester, I am paid to test systems, processes and policies, and if I can perform such wonderful feats of “disinformation,” you better believe that other attackers can do similar, if not worse disinformation…

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  • Black Death Disease

    get the disease. Since rats were always present in these crowded cities, they were able to spread the disease all around. Especially on boats and large ship that had rats that were carried from far lands, made it easy for the disease to be spread among continents. The outbreak was so severe, that if something like this was to happen in this day and age, we would still not be prepared for it (Cantor 4). This is one cause of the Black Death which was thought to be more final than Noah 's flood…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am Keri Inman

    I found “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” very difficult to read. I found it difficult to read in a few ways. First, the most obvious reason is due to the writing time, had it been written is a modern way, it may have been much easier read. Secondly, I found it difficult since it was written in a play format, the characters were difficult to relate with. While reading, I would not realize, I had moved to a different character until what I was reading made little to no sense. I would then have to…

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  • Theodore Roosevelt Ladies Suffrage Analysis

    This is my follow-up to week 1, and 2, number four, Ladies' Suffrage. Nineteen-twelve was when Theodore Roosevelt turned out for ladies' suffrage and turned into the considerable champion of ladies' rights. What's more, I think one about the minimum saw, yet more vital viewpoints, of Theodore Roosevelt is that he was the colossal male women's activist of his period as far as the essential office holders and lawmakers. However, that backtracks to the start. In 1902, Roosevelt requested the Equity…

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  • How Did Cabeza De Vaca Survive

    Cabeza de Vaca’s Survival In the spring of 1527, young spanish conquistadors set off the coast of Seville to colonize the New World. Little did Captain Narvaez know, this expedition was to take a horrible turn for the worst. When they made accidental landfall near Tampa Bay, Narvaez ordered three hundred men to leave the ship. (BE) Narvaez and his crew, including thirty-seven year old de Vaca, soon found themselves struggling to survive. And somewhere near the Mississippi River, Cabeza…

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  • Fox And The Wolf Compare And Contrast

    Foxes and Wolves From wicked to cunning, from proud to spiteful, the wolf and the fox have both been characterized as villains amongst the animal kingdom for many years, but behind the shared claws and fangs, the two creatures are completely different in their methods of deceit. Both being of the Canis genus, the wolf and the fox are cousins. However, they are very different in their movements and behaviors. While both are seen as treacherous creatures, the fox is agile and cunning while the…

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  • Analysis Of A Tribe Called Quest

    Sometimes, the music industry can be very tricky and very playful, relative to the highs and lows of fame that an artist can harness from the course of his or her career. We have seen one-hit wonders succumbed to the concept of oblivion and there are the fortunate ones who still managed to survive with their incessant names being on the hot stuff list. When an act died out of exhaustion or an artist’s spotlight dimmed, we thought that they may never come back, leaving us forlorn and dismayed by…

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  • Sex Partners

    Nearly half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed each year are among ages 15–24. (Alice, 2016)The highest infection rates being in the age group 20-24.(Alice 2016) It is not hard to see why since around early to mid twenties is the age where most young adults spend their time in college. College students are more likely to get a infection due to the lack of education and the large number of sex partners they have. (Alice 2016)Can a person backtrack to figure out…

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  • What Are The Arguments Against Gun Control

    just plain fact. So why let someone who is mentally unstable hold a gun? Why let someone other than a government official sell guns? This should definitely be considered because it's becoming fairly easy to obtain licenses to sell guns. In the article, Gun Control: would it really help? Sarah Thompson states , “Guns were simply tools, useful for protecting one’s livelihood and property, obtaining food for one’s family, recreation, and when necessary, self-defense.”(558) Yes the second amendment…

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  • Great House Character Analysis

    marriage. This grief and sense of loss plays in to her writing and as she ages she wonders about her relationship to her art: she wonders how much of her art is just a way of “countering the appearance of a certain anemia in life with the excuse of another, more profound level of existence in my work” (Krauss 36). The reader is later introduced to Aaron, a writer from Israel. With the recent loss of his wife who passed away from Alzheimer’s, he is now left ruthless and heartbroken. In turn,…

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