Black Death Disease

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It’s 1349 in central London, England. Millions are dying all around you and it may be the very end of the world. This was the picture many had called their lives around the time of the Black Death. Always wondering whether they have contracted the disease or would soon. Over one third of the entire European population was wiped out by this disease, and was very easily spread from person t person. There was, though, many contributors to the spread of the Black Death. The Black Death had many causes including rats living very near and traveling with large populations, fleas, who were the carriers for this terrible disease, and that the disease was contracted very easily. These are three main reasons why the Black Death was spread so quickly among Europe and Asia. One cause of the Black Death is that rats lived so closely and easily traveled with and spread this disease to many people. …show more content…
Rats carried the disease in their blood. They were also able to spread the disease by riding boats with many people and using that to get from country to country. They also inhibited large populous cities which made the spread easier. Fleas, like rats, also carried the dreaded disease in their blood, it was just less obvious since they were much smaller. But, using the rats to get around, they were able to just as easily spread the disease but turning their victims from rats to going to human victims instead. Lastly, how quickly the Black Death spread definitely had an effect on how powerful it was. It was able to get across almost every continent between a timespan of only two years, which was very, very quickly. This also cause more of a population decrease due to food supply lowering. This shows that the three main causes of the Black Death were the rats, the fleas, and how quickly the disease was spread and

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