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  • Distressing Bad News

    distressing news is a common occurrence in medical settings. Patients and families are often faced with worrying medical diagnoses and treatment possibilities, and it is typically the health care provider’s duty to provide individuals with this information. An example of distressing news would be a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome to new or expecting parents. While physicians often feel adequately equipped to make this diagnosis and provide management options, they sometimes find themselves at a loss as to how to share this news with the family in a way that is both supportive and informative. This lack of comfort typically stems from a lack of education. Bad medical experiences are remembered by patients and their families and can influence future medical decisions and interactions, and can ultimately negatively impact the family. While current literature focuses on physicians and medical residents, little information is provided in regards to medical students and their experiences with disclosing upsetting news to patients and their families. The…

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  • Bad News Report

    This report presents some examples of bad news, how they occur and some effective ways for project managers to communicate and deliver bad news to the client, project team and the CEO. It is recommended that managers should keep early and regular contact with stakeholders and deliver bad news without delay to multiple audiences specifically based on general principles calmly. Introduction When it comes to project management, it is essential for project managers to understand the importance of…

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  • Sportsmanship Influence

    approaching, giving a 110% performance, finding a role model, and most importantly, have fun. Good sportsmanship begins with the understating of sports principles, which present innumerable opportunities to learn skills that last a lifetime. Sportsmanship is a skill which is developed. Poor sportsmanship is learned just like good sportsmanship. We can see the type of sportsmanship a person has through their interactions with people. They can go up to individual from the other team, shake hands,…

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  • Semblance Of Life And BLEAK Diseases

    more: exercise, get out, get up, do errands and socialize. Patients feel undermined by their family and friends who have no true appreciation and empathy for how bad it really is. As one Patient in Dallas said, ”I need to proactively complain so that people don’t assume I’m good and pass judgement on what I am doing or not doing for my family.” And so they largely feel alone as the battle wages on in their bodies and against their joints. Many shared that they felt depressed and just sharing…

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  • Everyman As A Morality Play Essay

    The playwright does this by introducing Kindred who upon being notified of Everyman’s difficulty eventually says, “But one thing I warn you, by Saint Anne, / As for me, ye shall go alone” (353-354). Thus, expressing that neither family, close relations, or what they have done will accompany the audience when they die. It is important that Kindred says this, because Kindred is representing all the friendships and family who the audience might find a connection with and find comforting, but makes…

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  • The Importance Of My Life

    I used to rely on his prayers to “get me through.” Praying when I thought about it. Totally forgetting those scriptures about the importance of prayer. That made me ignorantly bulletproof; ignorant and inexperienced at its finest. Let me digress for a moment about being an ordinary Christian. Back then, I did not ascertain that as a slap in the face to God. I did not smoke, I did not drink, I was not allowed to date, so I didn 't sleep around… I was just Reverend So and So’s daughter. Now that…

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  • Antigone, Saint Augustine: Of Choice And Free Will

    As humans, we make choices every single day from the moment we wake up each morning. Some of these choices do not seem to affect our lives with much significance, such as what we choose to eat for breakfast. On the other hand, some may change our lives forever, like deciding where to attend college. The choices we make lead to the experiences we have. The texts of Antigone, Saint Augustine: Of Choice and Free Will and Into the Wild contain instances of decisions that led to experiences, which…

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  • Good And Bad News Study

    Social Experiment: Good or Bad News First? Anthropology is the study of humankind and it is important to understand. As we studied anthropology in geography class over this year, doing a social experiment is extremely beneficial for us because we can learn more about anthropology through our own experiences. The four main parts that anthropologists study are cultural, biological, linguistic and archaeology. My experiment is one of cultural anthropology. My question is: If someone tells you…

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  • The Importance Of Breaking Bad News

    Robert Buckman was the first researcher to define bad news in 1994.He defined bad news as any information which negatively alters one’s expectations for the future, this definition is one of the most famous and common definitions of bad news. According this definition any situation where there is either a feeling of no hope, a threat to a person's well-being, risk of altering an established lifestyle, or any a message which conveys to an individual fewer choices in his or her life is…

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  • Receiving Bad News Analysis

    do not feel confident that they have the necessary knowledge of communication techniques to deliver bad news to patients. In their study, pediatric residents, fellows, and attendings responded to questions regarding comfort level and knowledge level in disclosing distressing news in the medical field. Of the participants, 75% of the residents, 60% of the fellows, and 40% of the attendings assessed that their knowledge level was insufficient. In contrast, 85% of fellows and 94% of attendings felt…

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