Antigone, Saint Augustine: Of Choice And Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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As humans, we make choices every single day from the moment we wake up each morning. Some of these choices do not seem to affect our lives with much significance, such as what we choose to eat for breakfast. On the other hand, some may change our lives forever, like deciding where to attend college. The choices we make lead to the experiences we have. The texts of Antigone, Saint Augustine: Of Choice and Free Will and Into the Wild contain instances of decisions that led to experiences, which result in the realization of what is deemed right and good in life. To determine what is right and good in life, a person must experience the wrong and bad in order to differentiate and truly achieve what is right and good based upon knowledge from these …show more content…
Growing up, Chris’s family held the consumerist objects that would make any family seem happy such as their large house and boat. These objects served as a mask, as the occurrences behind closed doors revealed the McCandless family were not as happy as they claimed to look. During a twisted turn of events, he discovered that his father had been essentially leading a “double life”, having an entire family in another location. This traumatic experience “made his ‘entire childhood feel like fiction’” (Krakauer, 123). Even as a university graduate and incredible athlete, Chris decided that his severed childhood combined with society’s materialistic values did not hold what he wanted in this life. He proceeded to leave all temporal goods behind; his car, money, and any other societal-binding possessions that may link him back to Chris McCandless, as he changed his identity to Alexander Supertramp. Even though he passed away once reaching his destination, Chris still chose to do this and had a great passion for it as he states, “I’m not a destitute. I’m living like this by choice” (Krakauer, 51). Similar to Augustine, Chris realized that living life with an excess of temporal goods brings nothing to man but misfortune. He states in a letter, “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences” (Karkauer, 57). Chris valued experiences above all else, and believed he made the most of life learning through them. Derived from his knowledge of his past experiences that he wanted to escape combined with his passion for adventure led him to differentiate and take action to make his journey; and he believed that this was the right and good in life and he had made the right choice. As his story has been popularized by mediums across

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