Bacterial cell structure

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  • Biology Lab Report Essay

    students were assigned to collect and identify an environmental sample down to the genus level. For this particular experiment a skin bacterial sample, taken from the arm, was selected and put through different differential…

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  • The T-Streak Method

    It is a selective media because, it kills Gram positives but allows Gram negatives to survive. If there is growth present on the EMB media it means it is a Gram negative rod. The color of the results determine if lactose fermentation is present. If the sample is colorless then there is no lactose fermentation present. If the bacteria is purple then lactose fermentation is present. If the results have purple and green colors then the sample has great amounts of lactose fermentation. The lab…

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  • Gram Stain Test Lab Report

    bacteria for examination under a microscope. Also learned in this lab were methods on how to inoculate an agar or broth medium, and using aseptic techniques. Lastly, how to use stains to visualize bacterial cells, or distinguish different types of cells from one another through the usage of dye techniques such as the Gram-stain test was learned. II. Prepping/Mounting/Simple Staining Bacterial Cells Procedure: 1. Obtain 3 glass slides that are free of any foreign matter. 2. Place one drop of…

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  • Erythromycin Case Study Questions And Answers

    circumstance the bacteria could be resistant to that particular drug. (5 pts) As the name implies 50s subunit protein synthesis inhibitors such as erythromycin inhibit protein synthesis by binding to the 50S subunit of the 23S rRNA molecule of the bacterial ribosome. This ultimately acts to block the exit of the growing peptide chain. It should be noted that gram+ bacteria more effectively accumulate erythromycin than gram negative bacteria thereby making it more effective in this group of…

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  • Sexduction Lab

    Illustration of sexduction in E. coli using streptomycin resistant F-lac- recipients and F′lac+ donors Abstract The process in which DNA from a donor cell is transferred through physical contact into a recipient cell is known as conjugation. In the experiment, sexduction, a cross between F′ and F- plasmids, was demonstrated by mixing the donor and recipient, diluting them and using selective plating methods. The plasmids from the donor, recipient and transconjugant were isolated and analyzed…

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  • Gardnerella Vaginalis Research Paper

    Introduction Gardnerella Vaginalis also known as Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial infection normally found in the female’s genital tract [5]. This can cause a female to go through abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. Generally an unpleasant fishy smell with a yellow or white discharge [2]. Garnerella Vaginalis otherwise Bacterial Vaginosis can be contracted through vaginal douching, multiple or new sex partners and intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD). Bacterial Vaginosis is not only…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge In Global Organizations And Management

    This entry culminates a set of posts regarding the vast knowledge we have acquired in global organizations and management. Since the beginning of this course we have been able to learn about several organizations and their different ups and downs in order to achieve a global expansion. It is truly a journey for each organization to understand what can truly help themselves to achieve such objective. Across many cases we have learned about many events that have taken place in each organization…

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  • Structural Dimension Of Public Management

    Public Management: A Three-Dimensional Approach, Laurence Lynn and Carolyn Hill (2009) have gone deep into the understanding of the structural dimension of public management. The most prominent topics in relation to the focus of the book that have been discussed in this chapter include the section of defining the concept of structure. There is also a topic on evolution of the structural perspective that focuses on the historical orientation of the structural dimension in relation to public…

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  • Type Of Archetype In Organization

    This type of organization is very bureaucratic. The major difference between this type of archetype and the machine bureaucracy archetype is that professional bureaucracy organizations depend on professionals who are highly trained and who demand control of their own work. The Professional bureaucracy archetype is found in organizations such as the hospital industry, law firms and universities. These organizations are very complex and contain a lot of regulations and procedures, which results…

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  • Structure And Culture To Achieve Job Performance And Satisfaction Case Study

    Structure and Culture to Achieve Job Performance and Satisfaction When a person is looking to make a change in employment, they look at where their expertise or domain of knowledge can be utilized while gaining to better himself or herself. In that quest, I believe that there are two key deciding factors, how a prospective company is structured and the manner in which the employees interact and perform their work together. When these two factors are satisfied, then the employee will…

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