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  • The Journey Of Wild By Cheryl Strayed

    Wild, this book in itself, was a journey for me; at first not appreciating the book nor the story it held, but after reading it I saw why it is highly talked about. Not only was the story interesting, but it was the way Cheryl Strayed wrote it that made it come to life. Wild does not just tell a journey, but makes you feel as if you are on the journey yourself. Strayed wrote Wild from her life story, but almost each sentence had some kind of parallel meaning to it. The main theme I thought that…

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  • Death Valley Research Paper

    Death Valley national park has a location at California near the end of it near the southeast area on the border of Nevada. Death Valley as of now has the largest national park south of Alaska recognition. Death Valley national park puts itself as the lowest elevation in the United States it has an elevation of 282 feet below sea level. Death Valley is the hottest, driest place in North America. The park has an average rainfall is 2.36 inches of rainfall yearly according to the national whether…

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  • Argument On The Spirit Mountain

    Thank you for your opportunity to review and comment on the Spirit Mountain EAW. I strongly support the proposed plans because I feel like the community benefits of the plans outweigh the potential environmental risks. A huge part of Duluth is the amount of outdoor recreational activities that one can do here. Spirit mountain is a tremendous recreational area and I believe that by expanding and creating more opportunities for outdoor activity, the community of Duluth will become happier and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Trail

    The smell of pine and dirt filled my nose. The sunshine gleaming above the tree branches that seemed to touch the sky. The hot, sunny weather was shielded against by the tree tops. The chirping and singing from the birds could be heard throughout the forest. The sound of the creek rushing and running nearby as if it was full of energy. Who knew that going hiking can be fun and peaceful? Suddenly, my mind was brought back to reality when my aunt uttered, “Hold on, this doesn’t seem right!”…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Camping

    Can you remember when you enjoyed a great camping last? Camping allows you to relax and an opportunity for personal reflection.You can just escape your daily routine for a little while and completely unplug from your every day life.Take some time to read through this article; it will help your next camping trip great. Pick a type of sleeping bag that happens to be appropriate for the season. Don’t take a heavy sleeping bag out in the summer, it could make you sweat and be uncomfortable all…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Week At The Lake Of The Ozarks Scout Reservation

    My first week at the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation, or Camp Hohn as everyone called it, was probably one of the worst weeks of my life. The camp looked nice on paper; it was described as a 120-acre camp on the banks of the Lake of the Ozarks, with bluffs overlooking the lake and many campsites,all surrounded by a five mile nature trail. However, they failed to include in the brochure that due to the camps size, the classes available to take were extremely spread out. To get to the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Spring Break

    “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!”(Sitting Bull A-Z Quotes) Spring break is made out to be some spectacular time of the year. This is a time for high schoolers and college kids to flock to the beach in packs. Young adults pack up their coolers and red Solo cups in hopes for the best week of their lives. Most walk away from the less than toxic week with more questions than answers.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Part Of My Life

    Every day I try harder than the day before. I genuinely wish this had been the case my entire life, but that is just not true. When I first began my college career, I felt adrift in a world that was rapidly maturing without me. I excelled in the classes I enjoyed, and coasted with minimal effort in those I found less appealing, assuming that I continued to go at all. My friends were contemplating the classes which would propel them into their careers, while I reflected upon the pervasive feeling…

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  • The Ultimate Survival Warm

    OP80577 The ultimate Survival Hacks for staying warm and dry from head to feet Introduction Going camping is one thing that a lot of people only dream about. The outdoors, creeping sounds at night and the freezing cold temperatures. Camping is fun, if you know how to keep warm. Staying warm at night may be the only thing that matters on your camping trip or if you happen to get stuck outdoors. Freezing cold temperatures can completely change the trajectory of your day from a good one, to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Castle Rock At Big Bear Lake

    It was a sunny Sunday morning, great day to go on a hike said Leo as he opened the window for some fresh air. He decides to invite a couple of his friends to a hiking trail named Castle Rock near Big Bear Lake. So he decided to call Rigo, Alex and Melissa, some old friends from Jr high, they all agreed to take part in the hike since it was a perfect day to be out. They planned out their entire day throughout a 15 minute phone call. Right after the call ended they began to gather their…

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