Advantages Of Backpacking Essay

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General introduction: Backpacking
In general, backpacking is a self-governing, global, low- budget method for travelling. Its admirers, who backpack are called ‘Backpacker’. Who mostly travel for a longer time than normal tourists, visit diverse countries while on the road, which can take the months, sometimes years. We also have people who go camping, hiking and tramping in woods or outdoors, hitch-hiking their journey from a place to another and those with backpacks with switching between hotels and hostels driving their way around the country. Thus we have local and international backpackers who are also divided to several categories. Nevertheless backpacking is not just a way of traveling, it's a lifestyle.

I.1. Backpacking concept:
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Facing habitation problems, the availability of a backpacker basic need (food, habitation, resources... etc) and most importantly the chance of experiencing the true local life and gaining knowledge of the visited country's traditions and culture. Without neglecting the economical side of a low budget travel, what’s the possibility of having checkpoints/places on the Lebanese route/trail sheltering backpackers and providing them with all these noted …show more content…
That way backpackers are given their needs and an experience free of challenges and filled with local life, traditions, activities, knowledge and lessons. Thus this project won't just help backpackers on their journey in Lebanon but also help tourism on the overall scale, the social life in Lebanon(the exchange of culture between locals and backpackers), Lebanon's economy in a way or another more backpackers would want to visit which means more income and finally it revives the villages/cities all over Lebanon on the backpacker trail in every way while

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