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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cimarron, New Mexico

    Earlier this summer I went to Cimarron, New Mexico on a high adventure backpacking trip exclusive to the Boy Scouts of America. I backpacked for 14 days through the desert, stopping at unique and interesting camps every day. It was an amazing learning opportunity for me, testing my endurance and putting me through some hard challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The crew left in June, starting in Colorado for the weekend so we could acclimate to the time difference. While in…

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  • Hydration Advantages

    Using a water bottle or hydration pack for backpacking is really an issue of personal preference. ContentsWater bottle vs. hydration pack Hydration packs or bladders give the option to sip water on-the-go without needing to remove a water bottle from a pocket, day-pack, or backpack. This extra convenience means it is possible to drink more water and stay hydrated without even realizing it. But the water bottle can provide a variety of benefits over the hydration pack.Hiking with a…

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  • Tourism Case Study

    There are several target groups to look at when aiming to increase tourism in a specific country: Youngsters, Elderly People, Couples, Singles, Families, and within that different interests. Youngsters can be defined from age 16 to 29. They’re about finishing their individual education, are vital, energised and excited. They are most likely interested in an active and fun vacation and would rather go to the beach or clubs than to cultural entertainment such as museums or opera. Common…

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  • Graduation Speech: State High's Outing Club

    beautiful day, roasting marshmallows by the fire with your friends, or descending deep into a cool and dark cave. These are the experiences that State High’s Outing Club gives to its members. The club plans several trips a year for members to go backpacking, day-hiking, orienteering, rock-climbing, camping, caving, and more. Along the way, members also learn essential outdoor survival skills like fire-starting. Every school year wraps up with a culminating three-day expedition to the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Kids Playing Football

    Let the kids choose A sport where millions of people come together each year, a sport that everyone talks about from day to day, a sport where young kids look up to these players as a hero. Football is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. The Super Bowl alone had 111.9 million TV viewers. If you don’t understand the game it might be hard to enjoy but the more you watch you’ll pick up on the things the refs say and the players do and when you do you’ll learn to love it. “Over the past…

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  • Artistic Value Of Place

    Another note is that I usually go backpacking and kayaking with a program here at UF. With that, you have to pick the locations that you want to backpack and/or kayak and how I distinguish the sites I want to travel to is by looking at google images. Thus, re-admitting to the belief that I…

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  • Essay On Little Grand Canyon

    Do you not love the wonderful odor of nature? As you may already know Georgia has a state park called Providence Canyon that may also be known as the Little Grand Canyon. Where everything is just made all naturally? Nature is full of living plants, rocks, forests, and many other different kinds of animals. They help things form little by little. This is called geology and is the process by which things are formed, moved , or changed .The geology of nature has created a beautiful canyon known…

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  • Business Analysis: Augason Farms

    other disasters can happen without any warning, the food items help for you. apart from that, these food items are not only used in an emergency situation but also used for all outdoor recreations such as hunting, motorcycle road trips, camping, backpacking, hiking, family gathering, RV and other outdoor adventures. Augason Farms freeze dried food offers dehydrated and dried foods with self-life when you’re stored. Other types of food items are also available in the place. If you decide to buy…

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  • Mammut Case Study

    descriptions-plates, wall-pictures, mannequins or wall mounts to hang-up products. Higher up on the wall, key visuals present the overall categories of the below-presented products. Namely they are: Hardware, Skiing / Boarding, Eiger Extreme, Alpine Climbing, Backpacking / Hiking and Alpine Performance. Besides the presentation along the wall, an eye-catcher element is placed in the centre-left area of the stand. 8 tables with each 4 stools provide space for all types of visitor meetings.…

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  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: The North Face Products

    extreme sports and able to afford the relatively high price of The North Face products. Behavioral Most of its customers love nature and are interested in outdoor activities. They frequently participate in activities such as hiking, skiing, and backpacking. Thus, they need The North Face products. Psychographic The North Face targets at customers who value fullness of life. They would not live in vain. Instead, they prefer active lifestyle by participating in outdoor activities. Also, they…

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