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  • National Park Service Development Plan

    Employee career development plans are ideal to establish a relationship between the supervisor and subordinate of any corporation. Development plans capture McGregor’s Theory Y manager where he/she believes each employee has motivation, potential for development, desire for job enlargement and a capacity for responsibility. Secondly, presuming the role of the leader may be to engage with subordinates creating a single unit striving for a single purpose versus being a commanding instrument, the supervisor and employee establish shared goals and company visions together within the template of the development plan. The National Park Service (NPS) has designed an individual development plan (IDP) for their employees that fall along close to these leadership and motivational ideals. The National Park Service IDP looks to optimize employees to make the most out of their production, as found in the IDP document plan itself, it begins by mapping out the purpose of the plan; which is to provide necessary training, education, developmental activates for the employee and, most importantly, a clear guide for the employee to follow in pursuit of job satisfaction. This IDP document was written for the supervisor as it details their responsibilities, powers of action (explained further on), and things to expect. The document’s body contains the stages of…

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  • Arches National Park Research Paper

    Arches National Park is one of 58 National Parks in the USA. Each park has different formation and landscape, This National park is located in southeast of Ultra State. Arches contents of over 2,000 natural sandstone arches and the most famous in the world is Delicate Ache. Arches National Park boasts an area of over 76,000 acres. Arches National Park is unique history, geology, wildlife, and specific controversies that it faces. The history of arches was interesting and discover by many…

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  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Conservationist

    public lands by creating the United States Forest Service (USFS) and enabling the American Antiquities Act of 1906. During his presidency, Roosevelt established five national parks and protected approximately 230 million acres of public land. President Theodore Roosevelt conserved many natural environments of the…

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  • Meringolo National Parks

    Denise D. Meringolo, the author of “Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: Towards a New Genealogy of Public History” purpose of her book is to expand on the field of public history and to educate the historical background of public history. Meringolo’s purpose is to add a layer of importance to the National Park Service, the importance of higher education, and the maintenance of Mesa Verde. She focuses on the nineteenth century when the government decided to take the steps to collect and…

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  • Hot Springs, Arkansas

    Hot Springs National Park is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was established March 4, 1921. It is the smallest of all the national parks and is the only one that is almost inside a whole city. Hot Springs National Park has attracted many tourist and is a great place to go visit. It is extremely pretty and has many interesting places to go to. Its most famous attraction is the bathhouses, water. That's what first attracted people, and they have been coming here ever since to use the soothing…

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  • American Samoa Research Paper

    The National Park of American Samoa is a national park established on October 31, 1988. It is located in Polynesia, Oceania at latitude 13.8333°S, 171.7500° W American Samoa is made of seven islands which are Tutuila, Tau, Olosega, Ofu, Aunuu, Rose Atoll, and Swains Island. All of the island's main biomes are the tropical rainforest. American Samoa was not established as a national park until 1993 when the park signed a 50-year lease agreement with eight participating villages in Tutuila, Tau,…

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  • Santa Fe Trail Essay

    were the first to discover it in November (United States National Park Service. Since Mexico was now independent from Spain the ban of trading and taxes were decreased and people in Santa Fe were eager for the arrival for William Becknell and his men (Myers). The Santa Fe Trail was originally made by native americans but Becknell made the trail known and improved upon it. Becknell took a series of trips on the Santa Fe Trail, each one slightly improving. The first trip he made, he and his…

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  • Frederick Law Olmsted: Forest Management

    LEADERSHIP In 1888, Frederick Law Olmsted was hired by George Washington Vanderbilt to work on the grounds of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, which is now the Pisgah National Forest. During this time, Olmsted formulated the first program of forest management. In 1892, Olmsted hired a trained forester by the name of Gifford Pinchot to help him create a comprehensive forest management plan. Under the Olmsted’s guidance, Pinchot carried out the Biltmore Working Plan, which had three…

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  • Essay On Senior Career

    Senior Career Research The National Park has many different career options. In the field of my senior project the dragonfly larvae mercury levels study it has career options that can satisfy people’s desire to be out in the wilderness. There are no unique careers like the ones offered by the National Park Service that change people’s lives forever. You get a different perspective in life with the enjoyment of the forest. Some of the jobs offered by the government are Physical Science…

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  • Program Break-Even Analysis: Managerial Finance

    pool considers the admission’s fees with and without allocated management costs. Once calculated, the Park will break even by charging between $5.54 with allocated management costs and $6.09 with management costs included. 3. Program Shut Down Since the park manager desires to shut down some of the programs of Stratton Township Park, the calculations determined, in the program shut down a section of the spreadsheet (see Appendix D for detailed information), that all revenues associated…

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