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  • Big Cats Research Paper

    the Florida panthers existence. However, there are some very serious problems that have come about as a result of inbreeding. The Florida panther is now plagued by infertility, heart abnormalities, and infectious diseases. La Pierre states, “Florida panthers, which historically numbered in the thousands and roamed the Southeastern states, have been reduced to one population of 30 to 50 adults” (44). With numbers like these it is clear that action needs to be taken. Luckily, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has taken great measures in an attempt to restore the Florida panthers’ gene pool by adding genetic restoration to the Florida Panther Recovery Plan. Through this recovery program they were able to take genetic material from the Texas cougar and add it to the Florida panthers’ gene pool. La Pierre reports that several of the Florida panthers that had genetic material added have had kittens (44). In spite of this recovery program, however, the Florida panther still faces many difficulties. From Yvette La Pierre’s article, the discussion of pollutants, habitat loss, and inbreeding reveals the despairing situation of the Florida panther. These beautiful big cats are now battling threats to their existence from all sides. Modern day threats such as the polluting of waterways pose serious problems for the Florida panthers’ existence. However, there are many alternative methods for getting rid of waste. In addition to this, we should also every measure possible to ensure that…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Wolf Hunting Essay

    Why do people want to get rid of wolf hunting? This is a question many people sometimes forget about. Many people shoot guns for the sport. Others hunt for the meat from the animal that they claim. Some even hunt for the prize animal, like a wolf. Because wolf hunting is limited and population is up, more people should take advantage in of hunting wolves for many reasons such as population control, food, trophies, once in a life time opportunity and experience. The first reason people should…

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  • Wolf Restoration

    In 1974, the gray wolf was placed on the endangered species list, but in Yellowstone National Park wolves had already been hunted for almost a hundred years, the last pack being killed off in 1926. In 1995, eight wolves were relocated from western Canada to Yellowstone, and in the next year, a total of thirty-one wolves were brought in (NPS, 2016). This was the start of what some may call one of the greatest wildlife restoration projects ever undertaken. Twenty years after the fact, Yellowstone…

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  • Deer Hunting Research Paper

    Guided Whitetail deer hunts Ohio There are two deer species that are commonly found in Ohio, namely the white-tailed deer and the mule deer. Hunting of the mule deer is controlled by the state because of the decreased population of this species. Studies have revealed the number of white-tailed deer has drastically increased over the last twenty years and that they are easily found in selected places in Ohio. We are one of the many guided whitetail deer hunts Ohio service providers. Let us start…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Wolf Reintroduction

    In the early 1900’s, the loss of habitat and extermination programs led to the gray wolf’s demise. Wolves have once roamed all over the country. They’ve been nearly hunted to extinction with only 50 wolves left in the wild when Yellowstone National Park was young. Hunters back then thought they were helping the deer and elk by killing the wolf, its main predator. They were wrong. A 30 year project to restore the wolf population was made, and the wolves made an amazing recovery. The wolves are…

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  • Difference Between Deer And Elk

    The Deer and Elk Who do you think will win out of a whitetail deer and elk if they fought even tho simple look and act the same. Deer and elk have similarities and differences in the habitat,diet,and traits.Elk and deer look and act the same but in some ways they are not exactly the same. Elk and deer both have great traits for life in the wild. They both have big tough horns,but elk’s horns go back while deer’s horns up. Deer and elk are both brown. Deer are usually 125-200…

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  • Musk Deer Research Paper

    Musk Deer Have you ever heard of the musk deer?Not many people have,it is a deer that almost went extinct.You will learn why it is so special in this essay.This essay will provide information on the musk deer and discuss is appearance,habitat and diet,and give you some interesting facts about it. First off, I want to tell you about it’s appearance.They are usually are 86-100 cm in length.The musk deer can weigh 24-40 pounds,they don’t grow a lot.Their fur color is a dark brown or a light…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cougars

    The Ladies Cougars VS Springfield Tech The ladies Cougars have been crowned New England Champions for four consecutive seasons and in eight of the last ten seasons advancing to the national elite eight six times over those years. The ladies’ cougars going head to head with Springfield Tech at William R O’Connell memorial field starting at 4 P.M. and here have the Cougars coach Robert Galazka and Springfield Tech coach Randy pito let's see if the cougars will stay undefeated…

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  • Cougar Case Study

    • Exceptions are only made for necessary medical items and diaper bags following proper inspections at the gate. Goldie the Golden Cougar Goldie the Cougar is the official mascot of the Louisville Golden Cougars football team. He makes his appearance at all sporting events for the Cougars wearing the team’s jersey with number 00. Goldie is founder and president of the Cougar Den Club for kids. Goldie involves himself in civic and other events around the city. Goldie…

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  • Inbreeding Patterns

    OBJECTIVES 1) To study how pumas recognize kin and the general mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in a non-threatened population and to address how this information might inform studies in threatened populations. 2) To measure the link between population size and inbreeding rates in puma concolor in the 4 Southern California locations. 3) To identify whether the kin recognition mechanism is faulty in Southern California population, and if they had to genetically change in order to allow…

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