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  • Socrates: Undermining Athenian Democracy

    carrying a list, a list he claimed, he obtained from the Library of Athens. “This list that I hold here, has the names of men who have studied the works of Socrates and therefore must be taken into custody, and into trial.” A councillor took the list from Demetrius and examined it, and called the guard captain forth once more. “Captain, the men on this list are to be questioned, the Boule needs you to bring them forth.” The captain then took his guards and left the Agora to find the men on the list. “Now, to you young men here,” the councillor said, referring to the young men that had been apprehended with Socrates, “You now stand accused of aiding in the corruption of the Athenian youth, as well as atheism. Now, you may be able to avoid execution by admitting your wrongs and telling us of any other corruptors, er, students of Socrates.” Several of the young men, not wanting to die for merely thinking, gave names, names of those, as it was to be found, that had done them wrong in the past. Peristrato was now brought forward by the ever angrier assembly where he spat at the councilors in defiance. He said, “All of the men that stand here accused have done nothing wrong, and have only spoken about the truth. In troubled times like these, you petty councillors sit and squabble and look for a scapegoat to drive the people 's attention away from the real problems in our blessed city. You doubt the power and stability of our democracy yourselves, but you do not say…

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  • Reflection On St Paul City Council

    In this paper, I will reflect my experience of attending the Saint Paul City Council meeting. I will share on how awards and grants by Saint Paul City Councils approve projects, programs, and strategies to improve the capital in Saint Paul. In addition, I will go into details of the City of Saint Paul source of funding to provide awards and grants to proposals made by the City of Saint Paul residents. I then will discuss a proposal that was discussed by the proposer and the Saint Paul City…

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  • Tuesday City Council Case Study

    The temperature outside was 73 degrees, but fuses were blowing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Continuing business from October’s meeting, councilmember Dale Reynolds requested that a special meeting be held in the interest of homelessness in the city. Having that meeting in the Multi-purpose Room with department heads from city agencies, two council members met on Wednesday to put their heads together to implement a way, to solve the ever growing problem. “Homeless people, whether they…

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  • The Importance Of Policy On Day-To Day Policy

    In this essay I will be discussing a range of policy issues that I encountered in my daily life. These issues are at various stages of the policy process, and have different institutions responsible for the formulation and implementation of each policy. The first area of policy that had an effect on my day-to-day activities was Transport Regulations. On a Saturday, Waikato University hosted the Zuru Nightglow Festival and as a result, many roads surrounding the university were closed off for…

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  • Reflective Essay: Political Action And The Civil Rights Movement

    “Speak from the heart and reach people on a human level” (Carroll 83), are words that resonate deeply with me. On April 2, 2015 in the middle of the day my oldest sister, a student at Washington State University, was crossing in a marked crosswalk when she was hit, run over and dragged 26 feet by a full-sized SUV. This particular intersection is a marked crossing with flashing lights and clearly designated painting on the street. Before she crossed, she had pressed the buttons to illuminate the…

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  • East India Company Case Study

    expected. The Act suffered from various difficulties. The main reasons included the defective drafting of the Act as well as the lack of experience of the policy-framers in the day-to-day affairs in India. These led to constant conflicts between the Supreme Court and the Governor-General and members of the Council. The following are the defects in the Regulating Act, 1773:- 1. Conflict between the Governor-General and his Councillors- The Regulating Act, 1773 provided for the appointment of a…

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  • Functional Skills Case Study

    throwing furniture’s or objects to the floor to again preferred staff attention. How to use pictures and/or hand gestures to get attention as a functional skill to teach because it will allow Tyrone to get what he wants without showing undesired behaviour. Learning to use pictures or hand gestures will be an efficient communication strategy for Tyrone to use to obtain the reinforcer of staff by immediately attending/ responding to the appropriate attempt or may be used to improve or enhance the…

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  • Graffiti Vs Street Art

    (Davis, Herron School of Art + Design). Despite the controversy between street art and graffiti, neither should be considered or thought of “more” culturally credible. Both forms of art are ways for artists to express their true selves, and that is why each should be thought of as equal. Ever since the anonymous artist, Banksy, has become public, there has been a constant debate regarding art, authorship, community, value, and ownership. All this controversy is constantly changing what we…

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  • Psychometric Testing

    It can also be used so both the client and councillor have the same view of the problem. A view of the clients character will also be perceived with councillors looking at how they interact with others, how do they contribute to a team and what values do they hold. Psychometric assessments can give information in these areas and also the clients own mental state. An example of a used assessment in a workplace is one used to measure occupational stress. An objective assessment instrument known as…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantage Of Budget Cuts In The UK

    government budget cuts. In the end, I will explain why government cut down budget and analysis the advantages and disadvantages about this policy. In 2010, Essex County council faced a £300 million budget deficit by 2014 and frantically tried to cut costs, and Council leader Perter Martin asked members of the public to help him decide where to make cuts (CHRONICLE 2010). As a consequence, in 2011, Essex county Council has cut IT jobs as part of a programme to modernise its information services…

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