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  • Special Education Case Study Summary

    screenings at school. Social Skills: Madison works hard for her grades, but she does not want others to know that she needs support. Madison would rather earn a lower grade in a class rather than let others know that she needs support. Not sure if it is peer or self -realization that she needs assistance that prevents her from seeking support. Academics: Madison does not want help from special education in her inclusion classes. Even when she needs help, she refuses to accept the accommodations. She wants to do on her own and earn the grade. Teachers have noted that Madison often refuses to accept help and will argue or deny she needs the help even though data shows she does better when she receives accommodations (moving to a quiet setting to take tests). The IEP notes some of the behaviors that Madison exhibits when she is asked to utilize special education support.…

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  • Essay On Common Core Standards

    Common Core State Standard The Common Core State Standards have become a controversial topic among teachers, parents, government, and businessmen. Much has been written about the topic which has made it a bit confusing. The Common Core State Standards or CCSS, are a set of expectation or standards that students should be capable of performing in math and English language arts for every grade level. There are currently 45 states that have fully adopted the CCSS. (ABC ) The Common Core State…

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  • History Of Ice Hockey

    Next, I will discuss the reform of Soccer from a global standpoint. Soccer is quite a unique sport as it is celebrated strongly across the world. Beginning in Ancient Greece and Rome, games of soccer became a fun pastime among many civilians. Eventually, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) formed to become the organization that regulates the games and processes of professional soccer. Furthermore, being formed in 1904 through a confederation of a few European countries, FIFA…

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  • Vince Carter's Contribution To The Development Of Canadian Basketball

    Throughout history, Canada has grown in so many ways from being more independent, proving our strength in the war, technological advances, gender and racial equality and many more. Canadian basketball is one of the many concepts that has evolved over the past few years thanks to former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter and retired NBA player Steve Nash. There has already been visible change in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for example the last two first round drafts have been Canadian…

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  • Michael Jordan And Kobe Jord The Best Basketball Player

    Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are often referred to as the best NBA players in their respective era. Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had amazing careers (Kobe still plays for the Los Angeles Lakers), but only one of them is the better basketball player. This comparison is one that will be made for years to come because of a multitude of reasons, mainly because they are the two best shooting guards to ever play in the NBA. To be the better basketball player an individual must show how…

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  • Comparison Of Michael Jordan And Lebron James

    Michael Jordan and Lebron James, two of the best basketball players ever to play the game. Both have had careers that every basketball player looks up to and works so hard to be like these two, but the question is, who is the best? People like to base it off of how many championships each has won therefore Michael is better; however, there is a lot more than just championships. Stats, Years Played, MVP’s, a lot can go into this argument but in my opinion, Lebron is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All…

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  • Media Influence On Reality Sports

    Ever since the NBA first established themselves as an entertainment business in 1964 they have slowly been prepping themselves for a media takeover. Everything the National Basketball Association has done has been to increase the popularity of professional basketball domestically and globally, and they have achieved this by fully submersing themselves with media outlets. Because of extensive national marketing, boosted salaries, societal preferences, fantasy sports, and commercialization of NBA…

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  • Vertical Jump In Basketball

    Jumping is a key exercise for basketball training. Often time's people forget this simple basketball training and miss out on obtaining the advantage they need to play basketball. Or some people think that when they do vertical jumps they do the greatest they can and that's it. The truth is that with exercise you can make your jumps even higher than what they happen to be. With a little time and effort you ought to have the ability to jump four to five inches above what you have been jumping.…

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  • Descriptive Essay: How To Play Basketball

    It was about 2 years ago when I started playing basketball. Even though it was long ago it’s one of memorable experienced. I was excited about RAIS and New friend. Long ago I think that basketball is unpleasant also because I never try to play basketball and never think I can play it. It’s really hard for me to learn how to play also I wanted to know how to shoot basketball. So I ask Mr.Jonifer about it and then he told me to follow the step in shooting these are the step of shooting.…

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  • Michael Phelps Olympic Swimmer

    Michael Phelps is one of the most decorated Olympians to ever swim, doing something no other olympian has ever done: that is to win 23 gold medals throughout his Olympic career. Tim Layden explains, “On August 14, 2004, a 19-year-old from Baltimore won his first Olympic medal, a gold in the 400 individual medley in Athens” (Layden 31). That would be the first of 28 medals in Phelps career as an Olympic swimmer. Phelps would learn more about himself throughout the 4 Olympics he competed in. In…

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