Special Education Case Study Summary

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Madison likes to help others. She enjoys teaching others tasks.

Current Grades: Math 72%, Seminar 100%, Human Development 93%, SLA 83%, Botany 82% Team Sports 100%, Teen Issues 92%.

Physical Health: No concerns noted by mother. Passed screenings at school.

Social Skills: Madison works hard for her grades, but she does not want others to know that she needs support. Madison would rather earn a lower grade in a class rather than let others know that she needs support. Not sure if it is peer or self -realization that she needs assistance that prevents her from seeking support.

Academics: Madison does not want help from special education in her inclusion classes. Even when she needs help, she refuses to accept the accommodations. She wants to do on her own and earn the grade. Teachers have noted that Madison often refuses to accept help and will argue or deny she needs the help even though data shows she does better when she receives accommodations (moving to a quiet setting to take tests). The IEP notes some of the behaviors that Madison exhibits when she is asked to utilize special education support.
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She works hard. Teacher and parents had a discussion at Parent Teacher Conference about Madison’s refusal of support. Improvement was noted on the only one test they have had since that time. Madison does much better when she has assistance. Mrs. Geis noted that Madison asks great questions. Separate setting for testing is better for Madison. Next semester, Madison is enrolled her in Zoology. She will have more projects and fewer tests in

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