Special Education Goals

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I am interested in seeking a Master’s degree in Special Education because I want to pursue the best training and education possible to excel at my job. I enjoy learning and want to reflect this and pass this on to others. I’m a committed student who is dedicated to my education and the future education of my students. My goals as a teacher are to sharpen my student’s academic skills, drive them to think alternatively, and influence them to step outside of their comfort zone. I intend to help my students evolve as human beings, both morally and ethically, and for them to improve within their community. As a student, my educational objectives are to increase my knowledge of my subject matter, gain more professional experience, and to become a more qualified educator. I plan to study Special Education with a concentration in Moderate Disabilities. When I receive my Master’s degree in Special Education, I will be learning more about my passion, teaching. I am eager to be in a compelling program where my skills are strengthened. My educational desires are to learn from strong, qualified …show more content…
Communication between teachers and parents is crucial to the well being and development of a child. I am seeking classes that will instruct me on how to handle emotional and behavioral disabilities and how to positively converse with parents about their child’s progress. I find the topical issues in Special Education intriguing and plan to find courses that will continue to enlighten me. There are more and more special education students in today’s classrooms but not enough teachers are prepared to adequately guide them. Education courses, specifically Special Education, will enhance my abilities to work with students. Overall, I am searching for a Master’s program that will meet all of my needs to help me become an established and versatile

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