National Treasures of South Korea

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  • Case Study South Korea

    Living and Working in Korea Accepting a job in a foreign country can be exciting and adventurous, but problems can occur. One may have to make adjustments to personal cultures, business cultures, and team working issues. However, in this case study, Ellen Moore, unfortunately experiences all of these pressing issues when she takes a job in South Korea. Coming from the United States, Ellen was blind to the Korean culture and way Koreans did business, but she did her best to acquaint herself with it. However, when it came to understanding the company culture of the Koreans she did her best to adjust, tippy-toe, and navigate potential land mines. When it comes to teamwork that was established in Korea, Ellen had to do her best to fit in…

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  • Lost Names Richard Kim Summary

    Richard E. Kim was born in Hamheung, North Korea in 1932. Kim grew up in a very religious family, his grandfather was a Christian minister. Before the Korean War began Kim and his family fled, moving south until they ended up in Seoul. The communist troops were taking over Seoul, they arrested and killed Kim’s grandfather. Kim escaped Seoul and fled to Inchon. Kim was later caught and put into the Marines as an English translator and a liaison to the United Nations this began in 1950, he served…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The Korean War And The Afghanistan War

    The Korean War and The Afghanistan War were two major events in the cold war, but both shared some differences and similarities. Each war was placed in a totally different theater around the globe. They both started in different ways, for different causes, in different settings, and with different ending, but still managed to have some similarities in them. We’ll be talking about all the difference and similarities. We will talk about each war in detail and how each started and ended and…

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  • Compare And Contrast American And Korean Beauty Standards

    unrealistic it is to attain this goal. Like the show Botched, that shows the extent people would go to look a certain way to be accepted as “beautiful”. The same goes for men, the picture-perfect body to men is labeled as being tall, tan, full muscle tone and visible abdominal muscles. In Korea, women want to be short and thin with small busts. Being petite is thought to be most good-looking to these women. Korean and American women both view thinner women as more appealing than bigger…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Japanese Constitution

    be recognized” (LOC, 2006). Although the constitution was, in essence forced on the Japanese by the Americans, Article 9 was considered by many Japanese to be a timely policy choice. The idea of eliminating the government’s ability to make war resonated with a population that had suffered greatly during the war years. To be sure, a majority of Japanese government and public support Article 9 and the pro-pacifist posture that it engender. In time, the Japanese Constitution of 1947 became known as…

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  • Song Analysis: God Please Protect America By Jimmie Osborne

    took place right after all of the distress of both World Wars and the Civil War. “God Please Protect America” was written as a depthful plea during this difficult time for all. On the morning of June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded the South with “advanced units of the 135,00 soldiers of the North Korean army” (McGowen,10). The South was unprepared and unequipped. They lacked Combat artillery, tanks, and some field artillery (Hickey,1). The United States considered itself responsible for South…

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  • How The Challenges Of The Signal Corps During The Korean And Cold War

    presented significant issues for signalmen. Very high frequency radios were implemented, providing flexibility and allowing reliable communications in Korea’s mountainous regions over longer distances. This required transmission stations to be elevated enough to clear the terrain which created another major obstacle. Equipment was heavy, difficult to transport, and very susceptible to Korea’s extreme weather conditions. The AN/GRC-26 tactical mobile radio teletype station was one of the…

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  • The Coachman Analysis

    After the liberation of Korea in 1945, there were various films that were considered representative films of South Korea that were released throughout the 1960s. One of these noteworthy films was released in 1961 called The Coachman (마부) that was directed by Kang Dae-jin. Due to the time period that this movie was released in embodies many of the aspects of the Korean people during that time period. The movie itself can be looked at as not only a representation of the time period, but as a…

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  • Dystopian Society In Kim Jong-Un And North Korea

    and North Korea. This is for good reason, as there are many ideas to report, like how Kim Jong-Un and North Korea’s government has made its country dystopian-like. When analyzing how the government of North Korea makes decisions that creates a dystopian society among their citizens, one can evaluate what changes Kim Jong-Un made that was so influencing and controlling that their country became dystopian, determine the specific impacts this change or these changes have on their nation’s or…

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  • The Importance Of Education In South Korea

    The people of South Korea place a significant emphasis on education, which can be seen from the disciplined study habits of Korean students and how the majority of the students attend gender divided middle and high schools. According to Jaeyoung Kim, who is a student from SKKU’s Global Dual Degree Program, the majority of middle school and high school students in South Korea attend either an all-girls or all-boys school. Sending their child to an all-girls or all-boys school is a popular choice…

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