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  • Robert Louv's Last Child In The Woods

    Whether it be a camp, extra-curricular activity, or a family club, it is essential for the reduction of NDD and replenishing of the value of nature into America’s culture to get people into nature. Boulder Creek Camp Joy Gardens is a non-profit organization that was created to connect children to a farm to get them aware and engaging in the produce process (White). Junior Ranger Program and No Child Left Inside are organizations who are committed to getting children and families back at national parks to reconnect with the beauty of the land (Koch). Health specialists are partnering up with national parks for “park prescriptions” as forms of treatment (Louv). Websites like The National Wildlife Federation have been created to provide cheap ideas, locations, and activities for families who want to get more involved with their communities and wildlife (Koch). The Wise Kids Outdoors program is a thriving afterschool and summer program that takes kids through a series of 20 Learn-Do-Explore activities that help change the common belief that the outdoors is boring and unapproachable (Stolar). Family Nature Clubs and Toolkits are one of the best, most flexible ways out there to connect families in the community and get them out into nature together (Louv). Networking people is key to getting everyone involved. Richard Louv suggests in his book, The Nature Principle, that the most realistic way of reconnecting to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

    fault, and past time stories of disastrous events in zoos. The battle between the pros and the cons of this event is everlasting and a conclusion that will never be met. A zookeeper, for instance, is an individual who will defend a zoo until the end of time. Veterinarians is another example who supports zoos. These two animal caretakers follow a list of benefits the zoos do provide to the public. One beneficial outcome from zoos would be the influential public attitude towards wildlife and give…

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  • Economic Effects Of Zoos

    The study on the Lincoln’s Children Zoo is not the only study that shows the extreme economic impact zoos and aquaria have. There are many other people that have researched, and show how zoos are economic generators for the communities. Based on the information interpreted by Thomas (2011), “Looking just at Texas, a study determines that AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums generate $884.2 million in economic activity annually for the Lone Star State. They also employ 8,998 people and provide…

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  • Animal Entertainment Research Paper

    Rebecca Engle Professor Smith English 102 14 September 2017 Animals in Circuses: The Fight to Put them Back Where They Belong The use of animals as entertainment for people is not a modern idea. Records of animals used in entertainment date as far back as 2,000 B.C.E., when lions and similar animals were kept in cages. The Romans were known for chariot races often ending in the death of the horses, and coliseum fights between people and large animals such as lions (Dragotta), all of which people…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Blackfish

    interview people who themselves visual the tragedies. One point of view about this issue is the article well written and appeal persuasive “Killer-Whale attack: After human deaths, which animals die and which live?” by Anthony Colarossi and Orlando Sentinel. The article points out the problem that captive animal is under the regulation of their owner entirely and moreover, no decision was to make in any case of many unbearable tragedies. The authors utilize logos rhetorical techniques in…

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  • Human Behavior Of Wild Animals

    Throughout history, humans have created many divisions between race, gender, wealth etc., each division separating ‘us’ from ‘them’. In the same way, a division between humans and nature has been socially constructed to divide the “western society” and the “other.” From these constructions, the term ‘wild’ has come to attribute primeval and savage characteristics to nature and animals living within nature. It is common to consider animals that life in nature to be ‘wildlife,’ yet using this…

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  • Benefits Of Zoos

    Do the benefits of breeding programmes outweigh the horror of zoos? Zoos are everywhere. Most cities have zoos, where families, tourists etc can go and see a variety of animals. People love to go to the zoo to see the animals, but what about the animals? Does zoo life affect the health and well-being of the animals? Is extinction natural selection? Are animals bred in captivity able to be released into the wild and if not, what's the point in breeding them? These are the questions that need to…

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  • The Jungle Book Analysis

    If you placed a child in the jungle all alone, what would become of him? Would the child be consumed, or would the animals raise him as one of their own? Jon Favreau showed that in the movie The Jungle Book. This movie is about Mowgli’s experience in the jungle after his parents had died while protecting him from a tiger. Abandoned by his father, Mowgli had been raised wolves and had become one himself, but was not completely accepted by the animals inhabiting the jungle. Shere Khan, the tiger…

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  • The Benefits Of Animals In Zoos

    Zoos are places where animals are put on displays and where they have to live their entire life. People can visit zoos for money and watch animals like they are in some kind of television show or commercial program that is made for people only. People have to notice that we should not exhibit animals at zoos just for our entertainment. Animals in zoos should have the freedom they deserve and live in the wildlife where they belong. Zoos may be very necessary for endangered species. But, there…

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  • Essay On Animals In Captivity

    Wild animals are keeping in captivity for different reasons and in different places like zoos, circus and for researches. In my opinion, I am not like animals keeping in captivity for any reason because they are also living things like us. Animals kept in captivity are like a good family outing to some people but for others, it is like an animal is a cell of prison. The discussion of whether or not animals should be held in captivity is one that will not stop. The discussions go both ways. I…

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