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  • Animal Stereotypes

    and end up becoming “obese, leading to joint defects and damaged feet and leg ligaments.”(Lossa, 135). While traveling, the animals experience multiple changes throughout the days they’re being transported. The animals begin to be very aggressive, under fed, and are exposed to various temperatures. With being transported in the carts the elephant's encounter, “summer conditions with maximum temperatures of 100 degrees, and cold conditions down to below freezing.” (Toscano, 115). The elephants aren’t able to keep their body heat which means they have to deal with potentially getting hypothermia.(Toscano, 116). In The Jungle Book Bagheera, a black panther that was born in captivity and soon escaped in his later years explained to Mowgli why he had a bald spot. Bagheera always had a collar on, and was rubbed so much it turned into a scar. Bagheera, worries about his spot, and doesn’t want the other jungle animals to find out about what the story is behind it (Kipling 15-16). The same type of situations happen in real life other than just stories. In zoos and circuses, most animals are caged in and tied up with nowhere to get out and roam freely. Also, they are treated horribly and have no respect from the workers. Most animals end up becoming hurt and beaten by the trainers(Lossa). The animal performance industry makes people think it’s something good, and the animals aren’t treated bad, but that’s what they want everyone to think. When people go to the zoo or the circus…

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  • The Jungle Book Analysis

    If you placed a child in the jungle all alone, what would become of him? Would the child be consumed, or would the animals raise him as one of their own? Jon Favreau showed that in the movie The Jungle Book. This movie is about Mowgli’s experience in the jungle after his parents had died while protecting him from a tiger. Abandoned by his father, Mowgli had been raised wolves and had become one himself, but was not completely accepted by the animals inhabiting the jungle. Shere Khan, the tiger…

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  • Civilization Vs. Savagery In Brave New World

    Midterm essay Patrick O’Keefe In the books Jungle book: Mowgli’s brothers and brave new world, They both have civilization vs savagery with soma changing the perception of the citizens of New World and letting them be carefree and party on their soma vacations while the reservation lives a simple life. In the story Mowgli’s brother the theme civilization versus savagery is shown with how the wolves use the rock council to make important decisions that affect all so everyone has a voice which…

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  • How Are The Monkey-People Like Bullies?

    How are the Monkey-People like bullies? There like bullies because of what they say, do, and how the monkeys act. Another name for the Monkey-People is Bander-log. Bander-log is the nickname the author gives the Monkey-People. The Monkey-People took Mowgli because he was useful to them. “Mowgli would be a useful person to keep in the tribe, because he could weave sticks together for protection from the wind” (Kipling, 33). The Monkey-People needed to catch Mowgli because they wanted Mowgli…

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  • Bandar Log Analysis

    many ways that the Bandar-log act like bullies, talk like bullies, and treat other people like bullies. The Bandar-log laugh at everything and have no respect for anyone or anything. The monkey people fight with each other, they also talk bad about others and make others look bad. The way the Bandar-log speak make them sound like bullies. On page 42 The monkey people sound arrogant when Kipling says “ there is no one in the jungle so wise and clever and strong and gentle as the bandar…

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  • Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Books

    might offer humanity” (Macintyre 25) is what drew him to the books in the first place. Today, there are many references in the Cub Scout guidebook that are in direct connection to The Jungle Books. The group leaders are named Akela, the group is referred to as the den and many of the laws of the jungle are present in the book (Wolf Handbook 10-151). Life Lessons through Loyalty The laws of the jungle address the importance of loyalty to pack and to the good of the jungle, “As the creeper that…

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  • Imperialism In The Jungle Book

    animals fear them and do not even come close to the man village. This showcases the impact that those in political power have in both the jungle and in real life. Therefore Mowgli, our main protagonist, is regarded in a different light than others. In this cold war, he is stuck in the middle because of his “man cub” status. Although he was born human, he was trained and raised by wolves. Mowgli’s identity presents an interesting notion of nature versus nurture in the sense of “evil” and “good”…

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  • Kaa's Hunting Film Analysis

    him alive, and they focus on showing him the Law of the Jungle. They are all ready to battle for him. Akela, the lead wolf, administers the Free People even-handedly. Shere Khan utilizes his energy to seek after just his own particularly great and spook others. In "Kaa's Hunting," Baloo and Bagheera utilize handcuffing as a type of train, as per the Law of the Jungle. Despite the fact that they sleeve 7-year-old Mowgli delicately, their hits are hard for Mowgli. A story so centered…

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