Essay On Animals In Captivity

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Wild animals are keeping in captivity for different reasons and in different places like zoos, circus and for researches. In my opinion, I am not like animals keeping in captivity for any reason because they are also living things like us. Animals kept in captivity are like a good family outing to some people but for others, it is like an animal is a cell of prison. The discussion of whether or not animals should be held in captivity is one that will not stop. The discussions go both ways.
I have considered both advantages and disadvantages and have valid reasons for these. First of all, I am arguing with advantages. Firstly, we can visit the animals every day, if they are kept in zoos. It’s not like if you need to see a penguin, you go to
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No, animals should not be kept in captivity because they have the freedom to live openly in the nature. Animals are also living things just like us and no one has us in cages. I don’t think it’s good to the animals that when they are small, we take them away from their families. They don’t get to grow up with their family. If they live in their natural habitat, they learn to take their own food. By keeping animals in captivity you are destroying them of the basic tendency to kill. Now days, the people uses animal for the business and they misuse animals for money. Lot of animals are caged to train to entertain the people. I have been to lot of zoos where animals were showing, and I did not feel good about it. God gave us animals for us to admire in nature not in a cage or in a show. Some people say that animals in zoos are well looked after and are happy and satisfied. But wild animals need their freedom, and don’t enjoy captivity. No matter how well their keepers care for them, many suffer because they are not suited to living in a cage, tank or enclosure. There are certain species that should never be held in captivity unless they are candidates for breeding programs or rehabilitation. The researches describes that the artificial habitat for animals can seriously the animal health like feeding problem, abnormal behaviours, , reproductive problem, etc. Lot of people think that zoos are

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