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  • A Circus-Cirque Du Soleil

    Title: 10 Organisations 1) A Circus –Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun). The Cirque du Soleil is an energetic, entertaining and exciting entertainment company that was founded in Quebec, Canada. !!!!!!!From stilts to juggling to fire breathing, the cirque has inspired imagination among its many audiences since the early 1980’s. Originally, in 1984, Cirque du Soleil had a labour force of 73 people but today, employs 5,000 employees worldwide. !!!! The growth of the company is not only seen is the increasing labour force but in the business’ profits; the company has not received funding or any grants from either the private or public sectors since 1992. The incredibly successful company is run by three main managers; Fabrice Becker, Line Gaisson…

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  • Circus Animals Research Paper

    Popcorn is thrown at them. Cheers arose from the crowd as the torture on the tiger increases. Whips lash onto the tiger’s fur, scarring them for life. That mark will forever stay as a reminder of the cruel circus acts that tigers have to go through. When tigers are used for human amusement tigers are affected in circuses, cages, and captivity. Tigers in circuses are affected in many ways.Circus tigers are not treated well and don’t have good lives. Circus tigers are often beaten or starved if…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Clowns

    Even before (T) Dan said anything, all Kit could think about was the clowns. The clowns… the creepy clowns with their painted on big smiles that give Kit nightmares. Here he was standing in front of the Barlows Great North American Circus poster with his best friend Dan, and all Kit can think about is the scary clowns. Kit and Dan are life-long friends, in fact they share the same birthday, October 31. They are 13 years old, but Kit is thirteen minutes older than Dan. Kit always likes to tease…

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  • Analysis Of The Revival Of Titus Andronicus

    This revival of Titus Andronicus was an off-off Broadway production by New York Shakespeare Exchange; it ran from February- January in 2015. This production was directed and adapted by Ross Williams, who has directed many shows around the world. The show had a successful run, and all the reviews were positive. There was a fascinating twist, this productions setting of William Shakespeare’s most bloody play now takes place in a circus tent in the midst of a carnival. Titus Andronicus follows the…

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  • Fuddy Meers Analysis

    entered was the scenery, lighting, and music. The seating was caught my attention when I walked into the theater. I feel like the stage was set up as thrust seating. The seats formed a corner with just two sides. A thrust stage has the audience on three sides. However, the seats seemed to wrap around the stage similar to a thrust stage. Upon entering, you get a circus feel. The curtain is white and red, colorful lights shine on the stage, and carnival music is playing. Also, the curtain had…

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  • Theme Of Violence In Water For Elephants

    Elephants, Sara Gruen examines circus life in the 1930s through the eyes of the main character, Jacob. Jacob is a college student who, after the death of his parents, leaves home to join a circus. During his time with the circus, Jacob experiences and witnesses violence. As Jacob sees animals and humans being abused, he, unlike most characters, takes a different perspective and does not commit or join the cycle of violence. Contrastingly, August, the main antagonist, is a main contributor to the…

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  • Animal Entertainment Research Paper

    spend over 20 hours a day chained or caged, and it can have debilitating effects on their mental health. The average space circus animals live in is much smaller than the average minimum required by most zoos. Additionally, circus animals are often all housed together, with big cats living next to primates, horses, or other animals. This would never be seen in their natural environment and is thought to cause additional stress (Lossa, CD Soulsbury, and S Harris 131). Elephants are often expected…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Animals Should Be Banned

    An Animals Pain or a Good Time is What You Gain? Imagine a life of being beat and confined… Wouldn’t you want to be set free? What if you could help this person or thing gain freedom? Confinement and abuse is the everyday life of an animal in the circus. Each year several animals are captured and forced to work in circus shows. People are realizing this is a growing problem and have decided to boycott animal circuses so they can become banned. Animal circuses should be banned because of the…

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  • The Night Circus Analysis

    Morgenstern’s The Night Circus tells the story of two magicians, Celia and Marco, who are sworn into a competition against each other by their mentors, who are former magicians. In a world where magic is all too real, both Celia and Marco started training at a young age to defeat their mystery opponent, only for them to find out it is the two of them. However, the only way for someone to win is for the other to perish. The venue for this competition is unlike anyone has ever seen, a circus that…

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  • Thine As Ever P. T. Cornum Analysis

    P. T. Barnum was a man well known for his use of hoaxes, promotions, and his work in the Circus. Throughout his life, Barnum did what he could to attract the masses and earn a profit. Such attractions as his “Feejee Mermaid”; the torso of an ape sewn to the back half of a fish; and “General Tom Thumb”; a 4-year-old boy named Charles Sherwood Stratton standing only 25 inches tall and weighing only 15 pounds whom Barnum trained to sing and dance; attracted attention from people all around the…

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