Circus Animals Research Paper

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Popcorn is thrown at them. Cheers arose from the crowd as the torture on the tiger increases. Whips lash onto the tiger’s fur, scarring them for life. That mark will forever stay as a reminder of the cruel circus acts that tigers have to go through. When tigers are used for human amusement tigers are affected in circuses, cages, and captivity.

Tigers in circuses are affected in many ways.Circus tigers are not treated well and don’t have good lives. Circus tigers are often beaten or starved if they disobey their trainers, and they have to perform many unnatural tricks.(1) The Tigers may look like they are having a good time but it's really them scared of being beaten or starved again.(1) Not only do tigers get beaten and starved, they get shot
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When tigers are in captivity there mental wellbeing will be affected majorly. For example when an animal is captive and it starts pacing back and forth, it is known as a repetitive locomotion stereotype.(8) Another thing animals do when in captivity is sham chewing it’s where they start chewing at random times when in the absence of food.(8) Animals in captivity will get stressed and depressed.(8) There are some good reasons that tigers should be in captivity but most are bad reasons which completely outweigh the good reasons. Captive tigers develop many abnormal behaviors since there is a limited amount of space.(7) They will also lose their natural instincts when in captivity.(7) The maintenance will be expensive to keep a tiger and if they can’t pay for the tigers needs they might ultimately kill it, but on the other hand, the person can keep it safe from poachers and hunters.(7) Does anyone want to know what is the difference when tigers are in captivity VS the wild? Well, tigers in captivity will have shorter lives and will have several behaviors that are not normal.(9) The Tigers will be depressed and will pace all around going crazy in their little cages, BUT if the tiger is in the wild it will not be having all these problems(9).So please keep tigers out of captivity and let them live free in the

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