Benefits Of Zoos

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Do the benefits of breeding programmes outweigh the horror of zoos?

Zoos are everywhere. Most cities have zoos, where families, tourists etc can go and see a variety of animals. People love to go to the zoo to see the animals, but what about the animals? Does zoo life affect the health and well-being of the animals? Is extinction natural selection? Are animals bred in captivity able to be released into the wild and if not, what's the point in breeding them? These are the questions that need to be answered for the animals and their well-being.

Zoos do keep the animals safe from predators and starvation but what about their mental state, happiness and freedom. Zoos are assessed on their good welfare which is whether they meet the standards
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I think this is a fair thing to go by. Zoos do keep them safe and look after them and if one of the animals get sick they will get treated and will get looked after very well, unlike they would if they got sick in the wild. The animals will also be safe from predators and becoming extinct, as they would be in safe environments and be living with their own species or species that aren’t predators to each other but live in the same environments. Zoos also educate people about the animals and can get kids interested in animals, which can be a very good thing. However kids can get educated by animals by seeing them in the wild in their natural habit, where they can see their daily rotations that have not been planned out for them by humans. They could see them hunt for their food not just have them given to them which is not as exciting as watching them hunt for their food. The zoos do keep the animals safe and look after them but is it really worth the animals being in enclosures and people around looking at them and treating them. Does the safety of the animals from predators and sickness outweigh the freedom of the

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