Animal Cruelty In Zoos

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Imagine a young helpless animal being taken from its home in the wildlife and held in captivity, behind bars and gates, held a prisoner to the world. Each year, thousands of animals are ripped away from their homes and their families and are used for entertainment. Zoos are a popular attraction for kids and adults; it gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with some their favorite animals. Zoos even allow people to feed and pet the animals, which make zoos very well-liked and enjoyable amongst all the animals’ lovers. What people tend to overlook when visiting these zoos is all the nutritional and emotional deprivation the animals go through each day, nor does anyone know the animal cruelty that goes on when the zoos are closed. Zoos should be shut down and all animals should be able to live in peace and prosperity in their natural habitats.
When people think of animal cruelty, they typically think of a pet owner abusing their dog/cat when, in reality, animal cruelty is much more than that. Animal cruelty constantly happens in zoos around the world. There have been many cases of animals being killed in zoos, for example, the Harambe incident back in May of this year. What had occurred was that a toddler had entered
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In these zoos, animals are treated cruelly and are killed for no reason, animals go through mental/psychological disorders, and lack the nutritious values that are only given to them in the wild. These reasons prove that zoos need to be shut down and these helpless animals deserve to live and thrive in the environment and habitat they come from. It is disturbing to think of how positive zoos are seen and how they are a popular attraction for people of all ages. Next time people go to a zoo, they should look closely at these animals and see the misery and depression in their

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