Argumentative Essay On Captive Animals

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From zoos, to aquariums, to petting zoos, and even our own pets, humans have always been fascinated by animals, and have gone to certain extents to use them for learning purposes, preservation, survival, companionship, and occasionally entertainment. Menageries allow people to learn about animals from a safe distance and see some animals which they would never have seen if it were not for wildlife parks. Many argue that captive animals are not happy in their environment, and should be set free from zoos in their natural habitat. Although many find captivity cruel and unnecessary, having animals in captivity is beneficial to our society as well as to captive animals because when done right, endangered species are protected and well taken care of, people are able to experience beautiful wildlife, …show more content…
Zoos protect animals from these dangers and can help reintroduce endangered species back into the wild. “Quite simply without these efforts there would be fewer species alive today and ecosystems and the world as a whole would be poorer for it.” (Source D). These conservation efforts are important to the environment as the extinction of one species could devastate an entire ecosystem. Zoos are able to take care of animals much better than these animals can on their own. Veterinary care, a constant supply of food, and stimulating toys and games to keep animals healthy and happy, allowing many of SeaWorld’s whales to “continue to define the average life span of killer whales in the wild” and is also why “ five of [SeaWorld’s] animals are older than 30, and one of [SeaWorld’s] whales is close to 50.” (Source B). While some animal parks do neglect their animals, most animal parks try to protect animals from extinction and other

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