The Importance Of Zoos

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Register to read the introduction… Animals need to have access to enrichment activities that allow them to express their natural behavior. These enrichment activities or toys aim to encourage natural behaviours such as hunting, use of scent and hiding food, provide animal welfare by increasing exercise, satisfying ‘behavioural needs’ and stimulating animals, and to promote visitor education so that visitors can gain a better understanding of their natural behaviours and interests. An example of enrichment provided to animals in captivity is the lions. Lions are given ostrich eggs or pumpkin seeds to spark their curiosity, fragrant herbs and oils to excite the senses and specially made toys to encourage natural behaviours such as hunting and stalking. Another animal which receives enrichment is bears. They are given live fish in a pond to simulate natural hunting behaviour, rotten tree trunks filled with insects including termites to snack on, leaf litter with hidden food treats like walnuts or frozen fruit like watermelon, which also cools bears in warmer weather. Does it seem like the animals are missing out? As long as animals in zoos are top priority and well cared for, it is possible that quite an enjoyable environment can be created.

A world without zoos could mean a world without some of the most precious and valued species we have. However, by creating zoos that are enriching and natural and strive to meet an animal’s needs, we can create hope that these species will stay with us for longer, and that they can live happy, fulfilled lives in a world where animals are cared for and

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