Zoo Controversy

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Controversy is a disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. The topic I will be focusing on are zoos and whether or not some of them are actually beneficial to the animals that live there. Some people will argue and say zoos are a cruel form of entertainment for people dicised as a place made to shelter and help the animals. Others will say that the people who disagree with zoos are not properly educated about what some zoos really do and how they have changed. Some zoos are beneficial to the animals that live there. Thousands of years ago wealthy people would collect exotic animals and keep them to show their wealth and power (Erin E. Williams, Margo DeMello, pg. 288). The first zoo wasn’t established until 1828 London (Erin E. Williams, Margo DeMello, pg. …show more content…
There are reasons why those toys are in the habitats at zoos it helps stimulate play and exercise for animal’s so they stay in shape. For example we give the bigger cats like toy balls to play with so they can exercise their hunting instinct in a safe way so they won’t get hurt. Also the monkeys they are able to interact with iPads and other electronics. Why let these primates use technology? The reason for this is that they are intelligent creatures and can enjoy problem solving games. It can also allow these social primates to interact with one another from across the country. A great example of this is when I went to the Mesker park zoo, not to log ago one of the monkeys lost their life long mate and was starting to not get along with the other causing her to be separated from them. But the zookeepers visit her often and play games with her so she isn’t lonely and won’t get depressed they are hoping to get her to be able to skype other monkeys from different zoos so she can interact in some way with her own

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