Primate Observation

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The goal of this project is to examine the effects of naturalistic housing in Zoos such as the Louisville Zoo and how it affects them in cognitive activity. The increasing need of Zoos providing naturalistic housing for such animals is a necessity to prevent failure to thrive. Observations on primates in these naturalistic housings and use of cognitive activates can provide a captivating understanding on the species and select individuals.
Visit and Observation
This researcher went to the Louisville Zoo on November 6, 2015 to visit and observe the Gorilla Sanctuary. Upon arrival I noticed that the gorillas had access to indoor day rooms and outdoor fields. With the setup of the housing you have several observation points to view the gorillas.
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The development of softer more realistic and provide welfare advancement for the nonhuman primates in captivity is extremely important to enhance the primate welfare. This source gives examples of enhancing non-human primate living arrangement where they can voluntarily choose to socialize or participate in training. The journal states “Grooming-contact cages allow neighboring animals to have protected social contact through a common wall between their enclosures” (2007, Schapiro) at the Louisville zoo in the Gorilla Sanctuary gives this opportunity to the gorillas by allowing indoor and outdoor exposure living. The indoor day rooms gave more privacy for the gorillas and allowed grooming rituals to …show more content…
Seeking problem solving activities in captivity to allow nonhuman primates to grow and learn. Observations of the groups gave face to behavioral interaction, such as lip-smacking is an aggressive form if interaction and was found that with more activity and more development less aggressive behavior is shown among the group. Negative behaviors as “Self-grooming is also among the self-directed behaviors which have been described to be an indicator of stress.”(Whitehouse, 2013) These negative behaviors were decreased from the possible effects of activities. A positive behavior that has been in enhanced by actives is grooming; the nonhuman primates with more activity displayed more care among the group for one another. This is extremely important because at the Louisville Zoo the staff of the Gorilla Sanctuary gives cognitive activities and opportunities for the nonhuman primates to learn, develop, and grow as a group. From the slotted box I mentioned in Visit and Observations gave light to the nonhuman primate welfare being taken care of and you could see through their behavior before, during, and after the activity that there was improvement in group

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