Dian Fossey Biography

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Dian Fossey
By Chloe Holden

(pick up baby gorilla)I was born on January 16, 1932 in San Francisco, California. I was the only child of George and Kitty Fossey. When I was only three, my mother divorced my alcoholic father and I didn't see him much afterwards. Three years later, my mother married a builder named Richard Price, who didn't treat me very well. He even insisted I eat my dinner in the kitchen with the housekeeper until i was ten.

During my childhood I took lessons at the St. Francis Riding academy. I finished at Lowell high school and went on to the University of California at Davis to study animal husbandry, but after 2 years transferred to San Jose State, graduating in 1954 with a degree in occupational therapy. At the age 23
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The Congo was engulfed in full scale civil war and the rebel leader, Moise Tshombe, took control of the Kisangani and Bukavu regions and the eastern end of the Congo came under threat. I was detained for several weeks in Rumangabo. I bribed soldiers to take me to the Travelers Rest . Even though this episode was very frightening to me, I was preparing to return to the Virunga volcanoes two weeks later. Unable to return to the Kabara, I set camp in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park I called it Karisoke. In 1968, National Geographic sent Bob Campbell, a photographer, to capture My "Kodak moments" on film. He spent several months at a time with me until 1972. I made many advancements and in 1969, a young male gorilla named Peanuts touched my hand. Bob Campbell caught the encounter on film and later said the experience for me was almost overwhelming,' (Fossey, 1983). After that, it was very difficult for Me to just be a dispassionate academic observer.' Several of the gorillas became familiar with My close presence. An adult male named Macho would come over to gaze into My eyes and Digit, a young male and My favorite, would play with my hair or gently whack me with

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