Primate Behavioral Habits

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Primate Research
John Richard Tecuautzin

Primate Research
The purpose of this project is to do research and to take note of the behavioral habits between two primate species. This project will major on the orangutan species and the gorilla species. In addition to the research, I will allocate each primate time to enable me monitor their behavior and habits. Gorillas and the orangutans live in the forests where they spend most of their time in the trees and eat wild fruits and plants as a means of survival. However much both primate species live differently, they share some characteristics and some are not so different from the others. Just as gorillas, the orangutans feed in plants, though they have different eating habits.
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The orangutan species are closely related to human beings since both have about more than 90% of DNA in common. According to Thompson, orangutans are endangered species which constitute characteristics such as reddish-brown hair. The orangutan species are also thin and shaggy. In addition, these species have very powerful long arms (Thompson, 2010). As per my observation while at the zoo, orangutan species have strong arms which they use to manipulate tools. Thompson also notes that the species have the ability to make different types of vocalization among themselves (Thompson, 2010). I observed this kind of special species for a couple of minutes in their cage and realized that they are about four to five feet long with some into about six feet in length. Thompson further points out that adult male orangutan species weigh between a hundred and two hundred pounds whereas the adult female species weighs an average of sixty-five and a hundred pounds (Thompson 2010). This statement was confirmed to me by the zoo attendant when he informed me if the average weight if the apes. Further, my observation points out that the orangutan species arm spread about five feet …show more content…
Taking into account the two primates discussed on this project, we realize that their eating habits, though different, they feed on almost the same food. The gorillas feed on the plants just as the orangutans. Factors that affect their habitat is almost similar since we realize from my research that just as orangutans, the destruction of forests and excessive logging affects the lives of these gorillas. Those primates that live in the forest consider that their home and destruction of the same endangers their lives and well being together with the young

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