Similarities Between Zoos And Aquariums

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From Diversion to Preservation
The places where entertainment equals learning any day of the year. Where the wonders of Mother Nature are portrayed, and also offer an opportunity for its visitors to experience a temporary disconnection from the real world. Zoos and aquariums cultivate an appreciation for wildlife because they attract people from all ages, visitors can appreciate animals closer, and people learn about wildlife with tours, pamphlets and experiences. First, these places attract people from all ages successfully. From children to seniors, zoos and aquariums are meant for the whole family in comparison to other public places. Both places offer the most complete information about the displayed species. The Director of the American
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With guided tours or boards, people deeply learn about animals, leaving with something to think about. Zoos throughout the country consider the exhibition of animals as their second mission, being the education of its visitors to contribute the preservation and assistance of animals the ultimate one (Masci). Zoos and aquariums are a vivid experience that both shows and teach us the importance of wildlife in a fun way. Zoos and aquariums are intended for educational purposes the majority of the time. President of Ocean Journey, James Hekkers insists, “We see education as our primary goal, as what we’re all about, we need to let people know what’s happening in the world and inspire them to want to do something about it” (qtd. in Masci). Normally, we think we know about animals, yet while attending to any of these places, there is always something new to learn; such as different specimens, diverse habitats accompanied with contact with nature in general. Visitors are usually inspired to pursue different ways to preserve the wildlife, or at least, they share their visit to attract more visitors. Michael Hutchins, the Director of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association confirms, “With knowledge comes appreciation and concern. The wildlife experiences that people have at professionally managed zoos and aquariums are becoming even more essential in an increasingly urbanized world” (qtd in. Masci). We need a reminder from nature to protect it, as cities only keep growing, taking natural resources with

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