Blackfish Essay

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Did you know there are about 17,000 individual animals in the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium located in Omaha, Nebraska? This is America’s largest zoo, yet this is only one the 142 accredited zoos across America, this may seem like a lot, but America only has a handful of zoos compared to the 414 zoos located in Germany. One of the many positives that zoos and aquaria provide is there revenue and job opportunity. Just in America the annual zoo revenue averages at about $5,136,250,000 and they offer about 142,000 jobs (Statistic Brain Research Institution, 2015). The economic factors of the zoo are huge.
Being a spectator at a zoo or aquarium and going every year, as I was a child growing up, I loved being able to look at all of the different types of animals. The only thing is, from
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Once the 2013 documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Blackfish, came out a global concern for the animals held in captivity arose. This movie opened the eyes of the people and showed society some of the horrible things that we were not aware of. This film is focuses on the captivity of the orca whales in SeaWorld, but it lead people to question how the animals were being treated inside of zoos and other aquaria. In the film of they mention that the life span of the orca whale is much shorter when they are living in captivity. The average orca whale lives up to be 100 years old if it is a female, and up to 60 if it is a male. Unfortunately, the average life span of the orcas at SeaWorld ranges from 25-30. The whales seem to die nearly three times the rate of wild orcas. It is extremely sad when we dive into how the whales are being taken care of. Many cases show that the whales become hyper-aggressive when they are held in captivity. Overnight the orcas are required to sleep in a small pool that is 20 feet-by-30 feet; the average length of an orca is 27 feet. This shows that they are confined into a very small space

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